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11 Reasons to Thank Your Goofy Girlfriend

My girlfriend is just about as strange as they come. I never would have pictured being with someone like her, and in a lot of ways, that’s probably why she means so much to me. (Turns out, what I think I want is often bad for me – I know I’m not alone there, either.)

She gets in these playful moods sometimes that can last for days. Most of the time, I get irritated with her, even though I know she’s just trying to make me smile – I’m just in a bad mood, and don’t exactly want to be in a better one. It’s not her fault, though, and I appreciate her little jokes – sometimes, even the ones that aren’t funny.

If your girlfriend is the playful, goofy, wonderfully strange type, here are a few things you should probably thank her for.

1. Thank you for reminding me to have a sense of humor.

Sometimes, when I get caught up with work, I forget to take time to smile.

2. Thank you for taking my mind off the painful stuff.

I get stuck in my head sometimes, and I need someone to bring me out of there.

3. Thank you for letting me see your beautiful smile.

Because your smile makes me smile. (Unless I’m mad at you – and then your smile makes me madder.)

4. Thank you for smacking my butt.

I pretend I don’t like it, but I do.

5. Thank you for making me slow down sometimes.

I get in such a rush that it literally takes you holding me back to catch my breath – thanks for knowing when that is.

6. Thank you for making me laugh.

Even if it’s more of a groan, it’s occasionally the highlight of my day.

7. Thank you for knowing when to be serious.

Because it shouldn’t always be a joke – some things are worth the proper decorum.

8. Thank you for putting up with me.

I know I’m boring sometimes, so thank you for not saying so.

9. Thank you for respecting my “grr” face.

Most women have one, and recognizing mine is the key to not getting bitched at.

10. Thank you for letting me vent.

And then promptly “boop”-ing my nose afterward.

11. Thank you for being you.

Most importantly, thank you for being your goofy self. I never would have picked someone like you before I met you – but maybe that’s the problem. Thank you for showing me what I was missing.


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