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11 Reasons Why You Should Date The Woman Who Makes You Laugh

Fact. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who is funny.

Looks fade. Trends come and go. Who’s ‘cool’ today, probably won’t be ‘cool’ tomorrow.

But a good sense of humour never goes out of fashion.

And dating a woman who strives to keep you smiling all day long, is the only type of women you should go for.

You’ll appreciate her for her ability to spark a laugh – or even a smile – during those times when you wouldn’t be doing so.

Life doesn’t have to be that serious, folks, despite the fact that most people enjoy making it appear this way.

So, here are our 11 reasons why you should always date the women who can make you laugh.

She’s intelligent

When you meet a witty girl, it’s hard not to recognise how smart she is behind her big smile. When a woman has the ability to make you laugh consistently, it’s not by accident, trust me – it’s deliberate – and I’m sure she’s well aware of the power she has, at times, over you.

She forces you to think

Her ability to provoke thought (even with humour) proves that she’s aware of life. She knows how to critique things without being offensive; she understands the right and wrong times to make light of situations, and you could never confuse her sense of humour for impoliteness. It’s almost impossible to grow bored of a girl who forces you to think.

She comfortable in her own skin

There are some girls who live and die by their physical appearance. While you might throw them eyes from across the room, but when you enter into conversation you realise they were more desirable to look at than to speak to. However, a woman with senses of humour always will capture your attention – whenever they feel like it.

She’s real

Nowadays, so many women are obsessed with pushing this false impression of who they are. Funny women are often genuine and other genuine people will always recognise that. This is why witty girls will always have tons of friends, yes, real… human… friends.

She’s confident

There really aren’t too many shy comedians, are there? A good sense of humour shows courage in social situations – and confidence in oneself. Funny women typically know they’re funny, and their ability to use that as a tool of attraction has always been sexy, in my mind.

She will take control of the conversation

Sometimes, you’ll want your girlfriend to take the wheel and steer your conversational vehicles, so to speak. Women who are funny are usually able to dictate conversational directions, by adding sarcasm or touches of light-heartedness to given scenarios.

She makes laugh easy

Funny women will take a lot of pressure off you because things don’t always have to be so serious. Maybe she’s fine without that wakeup text every morning, at 7:45 on the dot, as long as you can share a laugh or two by lunchtime.

She’ll make you work

When a woman flexes her sense of humour, naturally, it will compel you to do the same. If she says something witty, you’re not going to want to be outdone, in the sincerest of fashions.

Wordplay leads to foreplay

I’ve always found wordplay to be sexy, which I suppose is fitting considering I work with words for eight hours each day. When a woman can two-step with me from a verbal standpoint, it just leads my mind to thoughts of other ways we would be compatible, as well.

You get to be yourself with them

Funny women will allow you to be yourself because, well, they’re probably just being themselves too. That’s the best part about funny people – they find humour in even the most mundane things, which never necessitates too much effort in return.

Grudges don’t ever end up lasting too long

You could literally be fuming with your girlfriend – but, if she’s funny – it will never last long. It’s the best when she knows how mad you are, too, and still finds a way to make you smile. The ability to do this will constantly keep you in check, from a bigger picture standpoint.

It’s hard to stay mad at her, when you know deep down that you’d rather be in bed laughing. When you find a woman like this, hold on to her, because not only will she make a great girlfriend – but she’ll also be your best friend, too.




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