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11 Signs Your Life Is Going Better Than You Think

Have you ever felt like you were stuck in a rut, and completely unable to climb your way out? I think we all have times when things seem to be falling apart. I know I go through those ruts more often than I’d care to admit – I just came out of a downward spiral, not even a full week ago. While there aren’t always ways to make things better, I hope you can remember these 11 things, and take comfort in knowing that you’ll get through this.

1. Someone cares about you.

Even if it doesn’t always feel like it, there are people around you who care about you. Friends, family members, or your significant others are all standing in your corner, because they know how awesome you are. (And, yes, internet friends definitely count.)

2. You have a roof over your head.

Every day you get to wake up in a bed is a good day. Worldwide homeless rates are depressingly high (although in the minority, in most regions) – so take time to give thanks that you have somewhere to live, even if it’s not your own place.

3. You know how to forgive.

Forgiveness is an art form, and those who don’t know how to forgive are doomed to be more miserable. While you shouldn’t forgive everyone who apologizes to you, the ability to forgive others – and yourself – when genuine change has happened is a wonderful, beautiful feeling.

4. You ate today.

Another one of the simple things that so many of us take for granted, not everyone has enough food to eat every day. Whether your food offers good taste, good feelings, or proper nutrition, it’s important to remember how lucky you are to have it.

5. You have clean clothes.

When we examine the world’s poverty, it makes sense that we also examine how many people worldwide don’t have a way to wash their clothes. It doesn’t really matter if your clothes are fashionable or trendy, what matters is that they fit and they’re clean. Take some time to give thanks for the clean water to wash with.

6. You have a good heart.

For some reason, it seems like the people with good, honest hearts are the most likely to get depressed. I think it’s because the people who aren’t so good happen to be better at putting their own needs first. If you are feeling down, it’s almost certain that you’re an amazing person.

7. You believe in the good of others.

One of the biggest disappointments in life is discovering that other people aren’t really so great after all. Your virtue is that you can see the good in other people, even if they haven’t found it in themselves yet. Take a deep breath, and be grateful that you can look past the dirty surfaces people show.

8. You wish good things for others.

When you understand how to remove yourself from competition and jealousy, your life will slowly start to get better. The more helpful you are towards others, the more likely that the good people will be helpful to you, too – so give those words of encouragement as much as you can.

9. You have clean water.

Even though the world is roughly 70% covered by water, only a small portion of that water is freshwater for drinking and cleaning with. What’s worse, much of that water is polluted, and even more of it is contaminated by sewage. Be thankful for the clean, running water in your home – you’re very lucky to have it.

10. You’re breathing.

Every day we spend on this earth is a success in its own right, so make sure you’re thankful for the breaths you take. So many lives are cut short, for so many reasons, it’s important to make the best of the time you have.

11. You have a great track record.

No matter how hopeless things feel right now, remember this: You have gotten through every single bad day you’ve had so far. That means you have a 100% success rate. Sure, sometimes it takes a little longer to get through things – but the fact remains that you will.


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