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12 Struggles Of Your Girlfriend Treating More Like A Friend Than A Lover

There’s nothing wrong with being comfortable in your relationship, but sometimes, you can get a little too comfortable.


If your girlfriend is not too keen on the romantic gestures, but still loves you, chances are, she might fall into a rut of treating you like her best friend.

And while that’s not a bad thing, it’s nice to know that you’re appreciated as someone she’s attracted to with a vagina as well.

1. She greets you with “Yo”.

Girlfriend Treating More Like A Friend 01

2. Both of you wear the same PJs when you watch movies.

Girlfriend Treating More Like A Friend 03

3. She burps in your face and thinks it’s acceptable.

Girlfriend Treating More Like A Friend 06

4. She walks in on you pooping and thinks its cool to continue talking mid plop.

Girlfriend Treating More Like A Friend 07

5. When you flirtatiously ask what she wants you to wear tonight and she throws you a pair shorts and a stained white tee.

Girlfriend Treating More Like A Friend 02

6. You spend less alone time with her, and more time with her friends.

Girlfriend Treating More Like A Friend 08

7. Sweatpants are her uniform, no matter what occasion.

Girlfriend Treating More Like A Friend 04

8. Her idea of a night in is you watching her watching TV.

Girlfriend Treating More Like A Friend 05

9. You guys always go dutch. Always.

Girlfriend Treating More Like A Friend 09

10. You have regular eating competitions, which are not the sexiest, especially the pizza food babies that result.

Girlfriend Treating More Like A Friend 12

11. She doesn’t get jealous of other women.

Girlfriend Treating More Like A Friend 10

12. Or see them as potential threat, which actually think you’re a hot women.

Girlfriend Treating More Like A Friend 11


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