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16 Things That Only Gender Studies Students Know

  1. Most people think you’re gay, whether you really are or not.
  2. If you are gay, then the fact you are studying this subject “makes a lot of sense” to people.
  3. Most of your friends are gay, bisexual, drag queens or sexual deviants of some other type.
  4. You’ve lost patience with trying to explain to everyone that you don’t identify with a specific gender.
  5. You take feminism to be as real and self-evident as the law of gravity.
  6. You’ll only go out with feminists and wouldn’t even consider someone who didn’t proudly declare themselves a feminist.
  7. You can’t understand why anyone would not call themselves a feminist.
  8. All of your friends and acquaintances are feminists and anyone who isn’t a feminist probably isn’t worth bothering with.
  9. You’re bored of telling people that concepts such as sex and gender are socially-constructed, differ from culture to culture, have altered significantly throughout history and will always be contested and contestable.
  10. You like the phrase ‘socially-constructed’ because you think it makes you sound clever and cool.
  11. You’re looking forward to raising your child – whatever gender it is – the best way you can.
  12. The only way you can respond to stress or insult is by writing an essay about it.
  13. Judith Butler is your closest friend… but also your mortal enemy.
  14. You are one of the few people in the world who understands what performativity is.
  15. Michel Foucault occupies an unhealthily high number of your thoughts.
  16. Even though students on other courses think that all you do is sit around taking the piss out of men, you actually learn so much about politics, philosophy, literature, art and plenty else.


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