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19 Awesome Benefits To Being In A Long-Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship – sigh…

There are lots of terrible things about long distance relationships – loneliness, over-attachment to technology, sexual organs crumbling off from disuse, and that’s just the beginning. But for every terrible thing, there always turns out to be an equivalent not-terrible thing.

Here are a few of the perks we’ve observed:

1. You know exactly which operator has the best distance calling schemes.

2. You know all about space in a relationship.

3. You’re a pro at Skype/Viber/Hangout sex. In fact you’ve often wondered why Viber was named Viber…

4. You have explored a lot of exotic destinations planning to meet midway.

5. You learn how important trust and communication are to a relationship.

6. You ace planning.

7. You constantly think of new ways and tricks to surprise your partner.

8. Misunderstandings take a whole lot of effort to clear out.

9. You live each other’s most special moments through pictures.

10. You’re an ace at reading the emotions behind messages and what each smiley of your partner means.

11. You truly cherish every moment spent together.

12. You always have time for friends.

13. You know all about sacrificing sleep.

14. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

15. You sometimes don’t realise how your partner has changed with time.

16. Each meeting is like falling in love all over again.

17. You’re ready to deal with a whole range of emotional ups and downs.

18. You’re each other’s 3AM friend.

19. That moment when you see them after months…




  1. Nana

    July 23, 2015 at 1:43 pm

    Right haha! And you can spice up your relationship with the happycoupleapp quiz 🙂

  2. Michelle

    July 25, 2015 at 7:35 pm

    What about the online relationships where you never meet and your partner cheats on you with someone else , you are the last to find out and they self blame the whole ordeal that they were having depression and didn’t really know what they were doing??? This happened to my son ;(

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