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23 Things Lesbians Love About Being in Long Term Relationships

1. Having a person who’s always there when you need them.

2. And having someone who actually understands you in a way no one else does

3. Actually being able to enjoy the lesbian bar scene without having to participate in it.

4. But staying in can be the best date night ever.

5. If you feel like cuddling, you can.

6. And if you want sex you can – no really you can!

7. Having someone on hand to feed your cats.

8. You don’t always have to wear a bra.

9. Not having to worry if you’re being too weird or silly because there’s no such thing when she’s around.

10. “Oh shit, I’m out of tampons” is something you haven’t said in months.

11. Having someone you can’t wait to come home to.

12. Having a date for every occasion.

13. Having someone on hand to stroke better when you feel unwell.

14. You can tell them if they look like shit, and it’s ok.

15. Not having to shave every inch of your body for a date night.

16. You get to see boobs all the time forever.

17. You no longer have to explain your sexual orientation to everyone.

18. You basically have two closets forever.

19. Every conversation you have is cloaked in an insider jokes.

20. You gossip about everyone you know.

21. You know every ticklish spot on her body.

22. You can watch TV shows about lesbian dating scenarios in the comfort of knowing that you are a safe distance away from being single yourself.

23. And you consider it very important to keep her up to date on the highlights of your favourite show, even though she doesn’t watch it.


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