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30 Signs She’s Not Clingy, She’s Actually Crazily Obsessed With You

As we all know there’s a fine line between clingy and creepy.

But alas, we’ve all been there at one at one point in our lives. We’ve met someone who seems really nice. They’re nice to you. Kind. Thoughtful. BUT they’re a little too obsessed. That’s ok at the beginning. You accept she’s a little too emotional, a little too available and a little too all up in your business.

But for some reason (as much as we like complaining) we keep them around because who doesn’t love attention?

We facilitate the problem until we hit our breaking point. This isn’t health. This is clingy obsessive behavior.

So how do you make that distinction between creepy and clingy? Well…

1. She doesn’t just ask where you are; she tracks you down in a blind panic.

2. She doesn’t just take you to dinner; she orders for you.

3. She doesn’t just make out with you; she kisses you with her eyes wide open.

4. She doesn’t just see a future; she tries to move in with you within two weeks of dating.

5. She doesn’t just cry after sex; she showers twice.

6. She doesn’t just like cats; yet when she finds out you do, she gets one and names it after you.

7. She doesn’t ask about your feelings; she tries to dictate them.

8. She doesn’t just ask you on a second date; she asks what you’re doing for the month.

9. She doesn’t just want you to meet your parents; she insists you all FaceTime together.

10. She doesn’t ignore your past; she just adds all your exes on Facebook.

11. She doesn’t just follow your Instagram; she likes pictures 18 months old when you were with your ex.

12. She doesn’t just ask you out; she wants to make it official on Facebook.

13. She doesn’t just like your name; she tattoos it on herself.

14. She doesn’t ask to accompany you to plans; she demands you cancel to spend time exclusively with her.

15. She doesn’t think you mean it when you want to break up; she thinks you just mean you don’t want to hang out tonight.

16. She doesn’t just cook for you; she insists on feeding you.

17. She doesn’t write love notes; she smears it on the mirror with lipstick.

18. She doesn’t want to be your everything; she wants to be your only thing.

19. She never just texts; she only calls.

20. She doesn’t just check in; she leaves eight-minute voicemails.

21. She doesn’t just drunk dial you; she drunk cries you.

22. She doesn’t just spoon you; she spoon-feeds you.

23. She doesn’t sleep; she stares at you through the night – ensuring you wake up face-to-face.

24. She doesn’t just take selfies of you; she takes pictures of you when you don’t know it.

25. She doesn’t just complain about you clogging the drain with your hair; she actually collects it.

26. She doesn’t just stay over; she packs her bags and makes a drawer.

27. She doesn’t just like your friends; she calls them regularly.

28. She doesn’t ask your opinion; she needs it.

29. She doesn’t try and make you laugh; she tries to be a one-woman show.

30. She doesn’t respect your body; she demands ownership of it.



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