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5 Simple Steps for Getting Rid of a hickey

Potential embarrassment can be avoided when we reveal to you the simple secret to getting rid of a hickey. Just follow these simple steps and Hickey embarrassment can be avoided.

STEP ONE: You will need 1) A hickey and 2) One standard AA or C-Size battery

STEP TWO: First thing, is to determine whether or not a hickey. The way to do this is pretty basic – recall whether or not anyone recently kissed, sucked on, or had other lip contact with your neck. If so, it’s safe to say you have a hickey.

STEP THREE: This is the removal process. Pick it up the battery, and rub negative end (the flat one) of the battery against the hickey. Rub it fairly firmly, or it won’t work. NOT too firmly, or you’ll bruise – you’ll know if it’s too hard as you’ll feel pain.

Keep rubbing firmly for a minute or two, and then check your hickey. If it’s gone, you’re done. If it’s better, but not completely gone, keep rubbing until it has disappeared.

Ta-Da – your embarrassing love-mark problem has been solved.


(image from WikiHow)


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