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6 Reasons To Take The Next Step In Your Relationship When You’ve Found The Right Woman

We spend most of our lives looking for the right woman, yet when we find her, we hesitate.

Whether you’re deciding to call her your girlfriend, to tell her you love her, to have her move in with you, or to call her your wife – we hesitate.

But hesitation is not your friend. Sure, you need to give such decisions sufficient thought, but you should never hesitate without true cause.

When you’ve found the right woman you should never find it difficult to make decisions, because you understand such decisions need to be made.

And when you’ve found the right woman, you will not hesitate because:

1. You understand how lucky you really are

You’ve been through enough failed relationships and met enough wrong women that when you meet the right woman, you know what you’ve found.
It’s like winning the lottery. And what person waits to cash in a winning ticket?


2. You’re mature enough to face commitment

It’s not necessarily that you don’t fear commitment — most individuals do — it’s that you are ready to take that plunge nonetheless. You’re ready to make all the tradeoffs required because you believe your lady is more than worth it.


3. You want her to understand how much she means to you.

Expecting her to know how you feel without telling is a no-no. Unless she’s some sort of oracle, you need to use your words — and your actions.

You need to be there for her, tell her you love her and show her how much she means to you.

Remember, hesitation shows her your uncertainty. It shows that although you may say you’re going to always be there for her, you may very well one day get up and leave. You may feel as if hesitation is unnoticeable, but in reality, it often causes incredible damage.


4. You’re afraid of losing her.

That’s right. You’re afraid of losing the woman you love and you’re not at all scared to admit it. When you meet the right woman, you should be afraid of losing her. She has become your life, and if you were to lose her, you’d lose yourself.


5. You believe she deserves the world, and you want to give it to her.

You want to take her places, to have her try new foods, wines and adventures. You want to be her first in as many experiences as possible because, just as she is a part of you, you want to become a part of her.

And you want her to one day look back and reminisce about all her wonderful adventures and smile — that’s all you care about. You care about making her smile, about her being happy with you.


6. You can’t think of a single reason to wait a minute longer.

You can’t think of a single good reason to wait before showing her exactly how you feel. She is the right woman. When you’ve found the right person, there are no good reasons to resist.

And when you know you’ve found the one, you make her the one.



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