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7 Gross Signs You’ve Achieved that ‘Comfort Peak’ in Your Relationship

When we begin a relationship, we aim to be the very best version of ourselves.

We’re always clean, always shaven and never discuss anything that portrays us in a negative light.

But we’re all human, and humans are pretty gross creatures. We can’t sustain this level of perfection, and eventually, the stuff we worked so hard to keep hidden comes out — literally.

Here’s how you know the love is real.

1. There’s no demand to shave.

The beauty of a comfortable relationship is that you only need to shave if you want to. There’s no longer that weird pressure to do so to impress someone.





2. You fart in front of each other.

You’ve probably spent the first six-to-18 months of your relationship convincing your girlfriend that you never fart. Then, one night, it will happen – the inevitable occurs – and there’s no turning back now. You both fart freely in front of each.


3. You pee with the door open.

If you’re in the middle of a crucial conversation, why end it just because one of you has to pee? Just leave the door open a crack, continue with that thought and let it out.


4. You freely discuss your bowl movements.

A new milestone in any relationship is reached when someone mentions their bowels, so you know you’ve hit peak comfort level with your girlfriend when you can discuss how much you have to sh*t.


5. A new hobby involves popping pimples and blackheads.

For some reason some of us get a sick pleasure out of popping pimples and blackheads. We love any kind of beauty routine that promises cleanliness and purity, even if the process is painful.

However, if your girlfriend offers to pop your pimples — that is, willingly come face-to-face with your dirt and gunk — take it as a sign that she finds even the grossest parts of you appealing and worthy of your touch.


6. Sicknesses dose not make kissing off-limits.

Your oozing boogies, and she’s got crusty Pink Eye. Your cough is loud and un-controllable. She just puked. But nothing stops you from wanting to take care of her — and maybe even get physical.

Even with snot seeping from her nose and dark circles under her eyes, your girlfriend is just as appealing as the day you first met.


7. Weight gain isn’t a big deal.

In this media-driven, image-obsessed world, we all strive to have the best bodies. These strategies are effective for the beginning of a relationship, but once you’re deep in one, laziness inevitably sets in.

When you’re in a relationship, you may notice changes in your significant other’s body overtime. Maybe you notice a pooch forming when you’re naked, or maybe you find you need to buy a bigger sized shirt than last year for this year’s Christmas present.

But weight doesn’t matter. You still remember them exactly how they were when you first met, and you still love them with the extra pounds.


Bonus thing – Despite all of this, you actually still find your significant other sexy.

This is not a matter of simply tolerating these gross things; it’s a matter of still thinking your partner is incredibly hot regardless of them.



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