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7 Steps to Capture a Ladies Heart

The following are a few strategies you can use to win the heart of a woman. The outcome will vary depending on the personality of your lady, so you will have to figure out which methods to use…

  1. Fill up your love tank – Love the people surrounding you; welcome their decency, and love yourself. We tend to be more fascinated to women who illustrate that they are to be respected and valued. Friends can help particularly affectionate and wonderful friends. It will present in your well being if you are full of love and when you are full of love, you can love others already.
  2. Be yourself – While women love to be pursued, most women still love to chase women. Shine in other things so she will perceive you. Act as if she’s not your goal and let him target you instead.
  3. Create moment together – Suggest taking walking at sunset, or a picnic at the Park or in the Zoo. It is important for you to make some moments together, because that is what life is all about.
  4. Share your dreams and aspirations – Your relationship does not consist of you alone so when it comes to your thoughts and aspirations, see if it fits with hers. How close or far apart, similar or conflicting are your dreams and his dreams, then you’ll know if you are to go on this relationship or not. Never give up a dream just to satisfy your partner’s emotional insecurities, as this will be the cause of the potential breakdown of your relationship in the end.
  5. Don’t criticise – Learn to listen to your partner’s side and don’t be a faultfinder. Your relationship must have trust in order to have future. Nurture and win trust instead of abusing it.
  6. Cook up Love – Be the master of the kitchen and attract your woman through his stomach.
  7. Be a friend – Yes that right, be friends first and became lovers later on. Lovers should only be second from friendship to make it continue longer.


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