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9 Reasons Why You Should Mix It Up And Make The First Move

Making the first move is not always easy. You know the scenario. You spot a cute woman across the bar. There is eye contact, and you want to say ‘hey’, but find yourself bottling it and watching some else make the move. Doh!

The problem is if you don’t make that elusive “first move”, the odds are that you will never speak to this woman again (let alone have her be your future wife).

So what to do? Here are our 9 best tips for making the first move.

1. Make eye contact and smile.


2. Buy her a drink.


3. Walk up and start a conversation.

This takes some balls, but its well worth it.


4. Give her your number.

Drop a napkin on her lap with you number and smiley face. Instant winner.


5. Keep it casual.

Try to make the conversation light. Talk about anything that’s going on within the bar so you guys can relate to something right off the bat.


6. Be funny

Working in some jokes but not forcing them is always a plus.


7. Compliment.

The most comfortable bar conversations start with a compliment or an observation about something the


8. Don’t be afraid to be assertive

A woman who go for it and are not be afraid to get turned down, can be strangely very attractive.


9. Be honest.



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