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According To New Study, 1 In 4 Straight Women Have Sexual Experiences With Other Women

According to a new research carried out by Grazia and Onepoll, a quarter of young straight women have had a sexual experience with another woman, research has revealed.

The women, aged 18 to 24, said that although they self-identified as heterosexual they had had encounters outside of this.

A third of self-identifying straight women in the same age group also said that they had been attracted to another woman.

The researches asked two thousand women about their views on gender and sexuality.

This news adds to growing research, which suggests that young women are increasingly having more fluid approaches to sexuality and gender than previous generations.

And therefore suggests that women are increasingly breaking away from traditional attitudes about gender, sexuality, marriage and family life.

The survey, also found that one in 10 mothers say they would avoid choosing pink toys or clothes for a daughter in order to break with gender stereotypes. Only a third of women said they think marriage is relevant to their lives and 45 per cent would be open to the possibility of having a baby without a partner.


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