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Amanda Peet Wants To Reboot ‘Cagney & Lacey’ With BFF Sarah Paulson (Please Make This Happen)

If Amanda Peet had her way, we’d be getting a reboot of the ’80s TV series Cagney & Lacey co-starring the one and only Sarah Paulson.

In a recent interview with Peet put across her case;

We’d have really strong New York accents. We’d both get in shape, which, like how could that happen? Are we too old already? That’s the other question. We might be. When you hit middle age, it’s really hard to determine how old people are in relation to you. Suddenly you’re in this weird dead zone. I don’t know how old Cagney and Lacey were.”

For the record: Tyne Daly was 36 when the series started in 1982; costar Sharon Gless was 39 when she joined a few months later. The series ran seven seasons.

Peet’s 45. Pauslon is 42. The math works.





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