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An LGBT-Only Netflix Is Here!

You’re tired of watching L Word reruns on Netflix, but you’re not sure what else to try. The Gay & Lesbian section is tiny, and hasn’t been updated since 2002. It’s not much better on Hulu, Amazon Prime or HBO Now, either. What is there to do?

REVRY to the rescue.

This streaming platform for Apple TV, Google Chromecast, iOS, Android and Roku is the LGBT version of Netflix. It boasts two hundred hours or queer and trans programming. At least twenty more hours are added each month.

The streaming selection includes many independent projects that you’ve grown to know and love on YouTube. Pick up handy recipes by watching Cooking with Drag Queens. Lose yourself in the HIV-positive drama series Unsure/Positive, and take a trip to Washington with Capitol Hill.

The platform also includes movies, music videos, podcasts and albums.

REVRY, like Netflix, is branching out into original content. If you enjoy Orange is the New Black then catch After Orange, a documentary about the lives of female inmates after they’re released from prison. Or check out House of Trans, a documentary about the drag ball scene in glamorous L.A.

You may be worried that REVRY only caters to a specific kind of gay man – namely, upper-class cisgender white men who have become the face of the gay rights movement in America. AKA Will from Will and Grace. Tim Gunn from Project Runway. The entire cast of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

However, REVRY is committed to representing all members of the queer community. CEO and Founder Damian Pelliccione says,

A lot of other projects have focused too much on just white gay men. Our mandate is to include every part of LGBTQ: black, Latino, Asian, people with disabilities…every point of view we want to see represented in media.”

You can get a free 30-day trial by signing up online or on your streaming platform. Get REVRY for $4.99 a month or $54.99 per year.


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