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Blondie‘s Debbie Harry Says Her “Bisexual Days” Are Now Over

The Blondie lead singer says her sexual experimentation with women was due to hormones
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Blondie‘s Debbie Harry recently opened up about her sexuality, attributing her “bisexual days” to her being “a little more hormonal” when she was younger down to hormones.

She said:

My bisexual days have gone by actually. I have great affection for some of my female friends but I think maybe when I was younger it might have been a little more hormonal and our hormones change.”

As Pink News reports, Harry went on to say that younger people today are

exploring all the options and perhaps that’s what I was doing. It just seems that now we can deal with it a little bit better, for some reason.”

Harry came out publicly as bisexual in 2014, and said that she thinks women are more “sensual”.

The singer told the Daily Mail that rumours about her past sexual relationships were all true, saying:

‘I don’t know if I have any specific requirements. Just somebody nice, who has a good sense of humour and loves to have sex. What more could you ask for?”

She previously snubbed an offer to play at Sochi during the Winter Olympics because of anti-gay laws in Russia.

She said:

We feel very strongly about these friendships and associations, and don’t feel good about participating in a situation where biases and prejudices are paramount.”

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