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Cameron Diaz Loves Women… But Not Like That

Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz has corrected a comment she made last month to Glamour Magazine about finding women hot. ‘I think women are beautiful,’ she said. ‘I think that all women have been sexually attracted to another woman at some point.’

But in an interview with PrideSource yesterday 41-year-old Diaz put to rest rumours that she is bisexual. ‘What I’m saying is that I can appreciate the beauty of another woman,’ she said. ‘I’ve said this forever: I think women’s bodies are beautiful – all shapes, all sizes. That’s something that we’ve celebrated culturally throughout history.’

The Vanilla Sky and Being John Malkovich star says that she resists any easy labels when it comes to talking about sexuality. ‘If we didn’t put these labels on ourselves, I think we would probably live in a much better society. We would just let people be who they are and we wouldn’t have to define them.’

If we weren’t so obsessed with labels, she believes, people would be freer to express their true feelings about one another. ‘It’s a beautiful thing that we can appreciate beauty in other women. If they’re confident in themselves and know who they are, heterosexual men can look at another heterosexual man and go, “Yeah, he’s pretty hot. He’s a sexy man.”’

Diaz’s latest movie is The Other Woman, a romantic comedy about three women who take revenge on a man who has been three-timing them. The film is directed by Nick Cassevetes and co-stars Nicki Minaj and Kate Upton.

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