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Eight Things Not to Say During a Break-up

Sometimes a relationship cannot be salvaged. It’s unfortunate but it reaches that point where you have to end it. This painful experience should be done face to face and not over the phone. Pick a private place and try to be honest about the reasons for the break up.

Here is our list of eight things not to say during a Break-up…

Let’s just be friends

Emotions are raging high. Maybe after a few years and you accidentally bump into each other you can be friends. This is not the right time for proposing friendship.

Can I still live here?

Even if you bought or you the pay the rent together. Do not ask to live there. You can always sort this out afterwards. Living together after a break up is not only awkward but do you really want to see your ex brushing her teeth in the morning.

I never loved you

There is no need for trading jabs .You did love her and that is why it pains so much. Saying bad things to her is not going to make this easier for you. When it is all done don’t regret all the hurtful things you said.

It’s not you it’s me

No one actually believes this .She is the one you don’t want to be with. You are not satisfied with what she has to offer. Please steer clear off the cliché statements. No one liner can change the feeling she has that she did something wrong.

I need time to work things out

The worst thing you can do to your partner is give them false hope. This statement seems to suggest that after some time maybe you’ll get back together. That is just bad.

You’re not the person I fell in love with

Is this really the time to point out flaws in the relationship? Understand that you have also changed .Be honest with your feelings without necessarily blaming your partner.

I met someone else

This is adding salt to her wounds. The fact that you met someone else will make it harder for her, Keep this piece of information to yourself. This will make everything much more difficult for everyone else.

My family/friends never liked you

Spitting out this gem during a breakup is ill advised. Who cares? The relationship was about the two of you. This is just a cheap shot. You are much better than this. Trying to hurt her will not make you feel any better.

After all is said and done, a break up is not the end but the beginning. The choice is yours whether to part ways with your partner in good terms or not.


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