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Gay-therapy…. huh?!

Gay-therapy, also-known-as: “Gay-affirmative”, or “gay friendly” therapy, it corrects and tries to heal all of the previous attempts to change ones sexual orientation.

With all of the wide ranged attempts to change, or alter someone’s sexual orientation it is nothing but a misguided perception that being gay is a choice, or a decision that one makes for their own life. Therapy ‘solutions’ such as reparative therapy, or Sexual Orientation Change Efforts have been looked down upon and discredited by most if not all mental health professions, AMA, and religious concerns have been beginning to being taken care of by gays with their own religious traditions.

When dealing with the pressure of others’ beliefs, or comments, it is helpful to remember that it is “okay to be gay”. People who have recently come out, or are preparing to may also be dealing with anxiety, depression, or a number of other mental disorders, branching off from the anti-gay attitude the general society gives off.

Therapy already traditionally helps individuals who deal with anxiety, depression, etc. Adding therapy to dealing with realizing your gay, or coming out, or dealing with triggering acts of bullying, is able to be dealt with in an open and welcoming manner.

Sometimes the therapist may question if some of the idealizations you had as a child about being gay still make sense to you as an adult, if this is causing a block in your life. Thinking of the block as some inside force against you, or an enemy is not the route to take, however to look at it as something you used to keep you safe, i.e. a security blanket.

Some can describe the feeling of being blocked like falling in love repeatedly with someone who is not emotionally available at the moment. Then the pattern is monitored to see where it is coming from. Understanding these things doesn’t mean you won’t continue the pattern, but however will make you more conscious about perusing that certain person or not.

Overcoming addictions is a wonderful motivation tactic to help you to seek gay therapy. When you are not addicted to something, your emotional side of your personality is much more reachable and attainable.  Gay ‘positive’ therapists can help you deal with negative messages you may obtain and keep buried deep inside, and then replace them with more powerful, positive, of your true self. Therapy can help those who want a better hold onto their lives without the thought in the back of their mind that they are being judged.



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