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If Your Girlfriend Does These 30 Things, She’s Probably In Love With You

We, as humans, tend to put a lot of value into “the signs”. Articles like “if she does this, she’s cheating on you” and “if she does that, she’s a psycho” get so much attention that it’s almost funny – but it’s often not quite as easy to see the signs that everything is going great. (But, to be clear, they’re definitely there.)

We don’t really notice how great something is until we don’t have it anymore – and I’d like to help change that.

Here is our list of 30 things that mean your girlfriend is probably in love with you – even if she hasn’t gotten up the courage to say it yet.

1. She does your laundry – without you asking her to.

Household chores are something no one wants to do, so if she does yours for you, it’s probably not just for fun.

2. She surprises you with coffee in the morning.

This is assuming you like coffee. If you prefer tea or Gatorade, she probably knows that, too.

3. She lets you see her cry.

We’re societally conditioned to not cry in front of people we’re not attached to. Just saying.

4. She touches your butt, especially when it’s inconvenient for you.

So what if you’re cooking dinner or trying to read a book – it’s always butt-touching time.

5. She listens when you talk, and she tries to understand your side of the situation.

Instead of arguing with you and interrupting, she listens and tries to comprehend – thinking completely before she responds.

6. She encourages you to do what makes you happy.

Even if your happiness could cost the relationship, she wants what’s best for you.

7. She reminds you to call your friends and family.

Especially if it’s your aunt’s 75th birthday, and you haven’t talked to her since her last birthday.

8. She makes a big deal out of your anniversary (or 6-month-iversary).

It’s not just cards and flowers – she wants to make a big deal out of it.

9. She falls asleep cuddling with you – regularly.

Fun fact: Falling asleep while cuddling actually increases the chances of falling in love in the first place.

10. She knows what foods you’re really allergic to, and which ones you say you’re allergic to because you just don’t like them.

She knows to keep an eye out for pineapple – but that onions are fine, as long as she can’t see them.

11. She keeps stocked up on all your favorite drinks.

If you live apart, she’ll make sure there’s always at least a bottle or two in the fridge. If you live together, she’ll make sure you don’t run out.

12. She sometimes borrows your clothing – but always returns it in pristine condition.

She wears it because she wants to feel close to you – not because she wants to control you.

13. She’s ever made you a mix tape or playlist.

Songs are linked deeply with human emotion, so the songs she picks for you will give a glimpse into her feelings about you.

14. She introduces you as her partner, her other half, or – extra credit – her better half.

“Girlfriend” just seems so… mundane. Feelings like hers deserve a real title.

15. She compliments you, out of nowhere, and doesn’t want anything in return.

She’s not calling you gorgeous because she’s horny – she’s saying it because she thinks you are.

16. She surprises you with things you like.

Tickets to the show you’ve been wanting to see, that sketchbook you’ve been eyeballing at the store, or just a really neat rock she found that looks like a heart – she picks out things that will be special to you.

17. She has seen your baby pictures – and asked if she could have one.

As long as she asks, and doesn’t just snag it – that would be weird.

18. If you live separately, you have a “spot” for your things at her place.

Whether it’s a drawer or a corner of the closet, there’s an area set aside just for you.

19. She helps you with your household responsibilities.

If you sleep in a little late, she’ll walk the dog for you – and maybe check the mail.

20. She encourages you to be your best self.

She knows that you have the potential to be amazing, and she wants to see you achieve it.

21. She talks to you about her day, and her feelings.

She wants you to know what’s going on in her life, so she knows she has someone to count on.

22. She sends you messages sometimes, just to make you smile – not to start a conversation.

And even though you’re busy, you make time to check your messages.

23. She appreciates the things you do for her.

She makes a point to say “thank you”, instead of just making more requests.

24. When meeting her friends, they tell you they’ve heard great things about you.

In fact, the more they already know about you, the better (probably).

25. She smiles at you in crowded rooms.

Even if you’re not close enough to talk, she lets you know you make her happy.

26. She kisses you before she leaves.

It doesn’t have to be a full-on makeout session (but that’s totally fine, too).

27. She lets you drive her car.

But she’d never take yours without asking first.

28. She asks to meet your family.

But she won’t push the issue if you’re not ready.

29. She asks you to meet her family.

And, like her friends, they know a lot of great things about you already.

30. She tells you she’s in love with you.

Sometimes, the biggest sign really is the most obvious!


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  1. Martin

    August 1, 2018 at 11:45 am

    Hi BARBARA, these tips and questions are very good to approach my crush. Thanks for sharing these tips and questions. Keep Updating.

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