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How to Drop Hints You Are Gay Before You Come Out?

Dropping hints before you come out can help people prepare for the news. The idea being they’ll start suspecting and therefore will not react too badly.

Add a rainbow to your wardrobe. 

Be it a handmade bracelet, t-shirt, silk scarf – just make it rainbow! Then casually show it off to whoever you are dropping the hints to.

Point out pretty ladies.

Instead of talking about how ‘hot’ guys are, talk about how ‘hot’ ladies are.

Talk about The L Word.

Talk about your favourite characters and who is dating whom. In fact start discussing any lesbian TV character in an enthusiastic (not obsessively-creepy) way.

Discuss and then dismiss your use of birth control.

“Oh my gosh! All these girls going crazy over birth control. Well, except for me of course. I won’t need it now…”

Change your screen saver.

Yes, change your phone screen saver to a picture of a girl. Preferable not a close hetro-friend, let not cause further issues… Well unless you’ve started to see her, then promote away.


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