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Keeping it Casual, Then Avoid These First Month Dating Faux Pas

Dating Faux Pas – The first stage in any relationship is the meeting stage where you establish if you have enough chemistry to go on. This may mean a couple of dates to determine whether you are a good fit. Generally this takes about a month. While spending time with your new date is exciting and you should bring out your fun side, there are things you should avoid during the first month.

  1. Spending too much – No matter how much you want to see her. Don’t see her too much. The general rule here is two dates in a week at the most. This shows your new date that your time is precious.
  2. No family members please – Never ask her to meet your family or close friends. Sure she is just so adorable and you want your brother to see just what a beauty you have. One month is too early for family. This also goes for children you might have from a previous relationship. The first month is for showing her how fun and interesting you are. Spend this time alone with her as much as you can. There will be time for your family to meet her later .Use this time to learn more about each other.
  3. Being late – Always be on time for a date. Being late can be taken as a lack of interest in her or worse as irresponsibility. Be prompt in returning her calls and messages.
  4. Stay off the sex – Some people might have different views on this but one month is too early for sex. Waiting till you get to know each other makes everything much more special. It makes you look mature and self-disciplined. Use the first four weeks for creating a basic foundation.
  5. Online stalking – Social media is a useful tool for bringing people together. Avoid the temptation to check out her friends, sizing up supposed competition and commenting on her every post. Don’t flaunt your relationship with ‘I miss you’ posts and expect her to do the same. Do not make a fool of yourself!
  6. Comparison – Avoid comparing your date with your ex. No two humans are the same so don’t expect her to dress and talk like your former partner. After all if your ex was so perfect why are you not still together?

Growing a young relationship calls for patience and control. Never forget to enjoy yourself and give each other lots of space.


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