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Lauren Jauregui Slams Trump Over His Transgender Ban And Stance On Charlottesville

Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui – who came out as bisexual in a powerful open letter to Donald Trump supporters – has slammed Trump as “disgusting”, following his decision to ban trans people from the military, and his reaction to white supremacists marching in Charlottesville.

Over the weekend, the singer picked up Best Pop Video at the MTV VMAs with the rest of her bandmates.

Congratulations bby! So deserved💞💞💞 @thegr8khalid

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After the awards she said she had a responsibility to use her platform and fight back against Trump’s hatred, as demonstrated by his reluctance to condemn Nazis who chanted “f*** you faggots”.

On Fifth Harmony’s new self-titled album, a track called Bridges stands out as a clear anti-Trump protest song.

We’ve come way too far in our stories to build these walls and to blind ourselves,” the superstars sing, adding that “love’s worth fighting for. And I know the world can be cold, we can’t let it divide us”.

The key passage is “we build bridges / Bridges, not walls,” as the band uses the popular line from anti-Trump protests to stand against all of the administration’s divisive policies.

In an interview with Complex, Jauregui said that the song “alludes to everything going on right now and how we feel about it. It’s a really powerful message of positivity.”

I have a few million followers… if I’ve got all these young people watching me and caring about what I have to say, I should say something important, because I’m so passionate about it”.

He’s been inciting these things and instigating them and being indifferent about things that are super important to the way that we treat each other. We picked him as a leader and when people look at a leader, they look at influence.

His influence has literally incited neo-Nazism and all of these crazy things that we didn’t think could have a resurgence.

We disconnected ourselves so much from history and how immediate it was that we have lost touch with what’s right and what’s wrong.

We keep talking about: “Wow, this is so crazy that this is happening,” but no no, this is the way it goes. History repeats because we forget and we don’t move forward socially.

We’re too worried about money and paychecks and advancing those things to focus on who we are as humans.”

Jauregui said that the divisions created by Trump’s administration, for example between trans people and everyone else, were ridiculous.

When you really look at science, if two people fall on pavement, they’re both going to break bones because we’re all made up of the same s***.

So how is it that we divide ourselves over things as silly as skin tone and gender? How are we being so primitive in this day and age with all the technology and advancements we speak of?”

Following Trump’s announcement that trans people would be banned from serving in the military, Jauregui encouraged her followers to donate to the Transgender Law Centre.

Hi loves! I know a lot of the time we see horrible things happen and it's hard to channel what we can possibly do about it/: well! Here's one suggestion for you if you have the time or means and you feel like you want to help out and be an ally for trans folk. please go to @translawcenter 's page and click the link in the bio to make a donation to their center. No donation is too small. They work tirelessly to fight for the rights of trans people and in light of a time when they try to silence and demean these human's existence the loudest noise we could make is with love and support. Let's show this administration that the people do not agree with this hateful rhetoric. We want to help, love, and support our fellow community members. We're all people, we're all each other's neighbors. If we want to claim the worship of God, 45, we have to practice Jesus' most important rules; to love others as ourselves and to do unto others as we would want done unto ourselves. We can't ignore the fact that whatever you believe in, hatred in your heart is not exemplary of it. Please help if you can, and if not, spread the word and try to change the conversation.

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Watch Fifth Harmony’s incredible MTV VMAs performance here:


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