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Science Says There Are Several Reasons Why You’ll End Up Dating A Player

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Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to catch yourself a nice, stable women who treats you well and makes you feel special?

You tell yourself you’re looking for someone good for you and yet, you always seem to choose someone who’s all wrong for you.

We’ve all been there.

Getting played by another woman is almost a rite of passage. It’s never a pleasant experience, but it does allow us to grow and learn from past mistakes.


So, why do we keep chasing these women? Well, it turns out the reason you can’t stop chasing that player is plain and simple.

We often find narcissism irresistible

Doesn’t it seem like whenever you’re out of one toxic relationship — with yet another heartbreaker — you seem to end up in a new romance mirroring the last?

The thing about dating is we never really learn our lesson. It doesn’t matter how many douche bags we encounter in the dating world; we’ll still be attracted to them.

We can’t just change our biology to suddenly like the nice, quiet woman who keeps asking us out.

Why is this? Well, researchers at Hartpury College in England studied 146 British women aged 18-24 and found even women with a high quantity of dating experience are still geared towards partners displaying narcissistic (read: assh*le) characteristics.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been burned; you just keep reaching out and touching the flame over and over again.

We often opt for hot sex over quiet conversation.

If there is one thing those hot, no good, sexy women bring to the table, it’s a fiery sex life.

And this will always top the sweet little beta females.

A study in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy zeroed in on college-aged women and what they thought of the “nice guy” stereotype.

Researchers found women preferred the nice guy for a typical dating atmosphere but the passionate, unpredictable “bad boi” nearly always won out when it came to sex.

So, while women tend to prefer the ultra-nice lady for conversation and emotional wherewithal, we want the fox with the motorcycle and the bad attitude to come home with us at night.

We think we’ll be the ones to change them.

We always think a cheater won’t always be this way. She just has to find the right girl, and once they do, everything changes.

It’s true, even though the rhetoric has suggested otherwise: once a cheater does not mean always a cheater.

However, old habits die hard, and though you may think this time will be different, you’re only hoping for a different outcome for the same patterns of behaviour.

Sociopaths are the sexiest people on earth.

While not players are not necessarily sociopaths, most sociopaths are players. According to Vice, sociopaths are the most charming, enthralling people on the planet.

She’ll charm us and make us feel good, but it’ll always be about her.

The sociopath will manipulate your emotions. She’ll put herself first and just string us along for the ride.

It’s hard to see it before it’s too late, and by then, you’re too tightly wrapped up in their web of bullsh*t.

We want what we can’t have.

Women are always attracted to the damaged, broken individual because most of us love a project.

We’re nurturing by nature and want to tend to the battered and helpless.

Unfortunately, you cannot fix a woman who doesn’t want to be fixed. More often than not, you’re the one who’ll walk away with pieces missing; she’ll walk away unscathed.

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