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Lesbian Try Dental Dams For The First Time (And The Result Are Hilarious)

When was the last time you saw or heard about a dental dam, outside of health class, visit to the dentist or The L Word?

For those not too sure what a dental dam (aka the condom for lesbians) is, well they were originally designed to protect people during dental procedures, but were re-marketed for queer women as safe-sex tool during cunnilingus.


Sadly, it was never very popular in the lesbian community, and a 2010 study actually found that less than 10% of lesbian women have ever used them, and less than 2% regularly use them.

Now according to Mashable’s Heather Dockray, the dental dam is dead.

Why you may ask, well it’s not just the construction of the dam itself that stops people from using them – it’s the (perceived) nature of lesbian sex itself.

Lesbian sex is commonly portrayed as “low-risk” sex. But “low-risk” doesn’t mean no risk ladies.


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