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Movie ‘Happy End’ Has Law-Breaking, Loss and Lesbian Love

When most people have an existential crisis they sit and have a good, hard think about their lives, maybe drink some tea, catch up and Netflix shows and relax while they can get their thoughts in order.

Not Lucca though, as one of the two leads in the German language film Happy End, Lucca decides to ditch her aspirations of becoming a lawyer and instead lets loose, ‘mistakenly’ gets accused of criminal damage and ends up with 30 hours of community service at a hospice.

It’s not all bad news for our blonde protagonist though as it’s thanks to her community service she meets Valerie, a total rock chick who can often be found hanging out at local lesbian watering hole, Sis Bar. When she’s not jamming out though, she’s visiting her friend Herma at the hospice, a wonderful old lady who Valerie cares about a lot.

That’s why it’s so heart-breaking when Herma passes away. “We’re her family,” Valerie tells Lucca in the trailer. And it’s that family that Herma’s really going to need in after her miserable son comes to collect her ashes. In the interest of protecting her deceased friend’s wishes, Valerie hatches a plan – she’s going to steal Herma’s ashes and go on a road trip! Taking Lucca with her, naturally.

Hijinks ensue and soon the two are hot-footing it away from the police who are coming to get Herma back. Along the way Lucca and Valerie talk, reveal secrets and grow closer. Yes closer.

Lucca and Valerie spend the film bonding over Valerie’s troubles and Lucca’s difficult life and her controlling father, forming a bond under the most unlikely of circumstances. And, rather than everyone’s other favourite queer foreign language film Blue Is The Warmest Colour, Lucca and Valerie’s budding relationship appears to be of the soft and sweet type rather than the confusing, troubling angst sort.

Hopefully The Happy End will be able to join the small handful of lesbian movies that don’t end in death or unnecessary sadness and that its title isn’t just a Trojan Horse. You can watch it for yourself at


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