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New Study Says Lesbian And Gay Students Are More Likely to Get Pregnant (Confused?)

A new study has revealed that lesbian, gay and bisexual high school students have a higher rate of pregnancy than their heterosexual peers.

Confused? Keep reading.

Dr Lisa Lindley, a professor of global and community health at George Mason University, looked at the sexual orientation of 9,703 New York students – analysing their sexual identity and the gender of sexual partners.

The findings revealed that 23% of reported pregnancies were women who categorised themselves as lesbian, and 20% from those who identified as bisexual.


This is in comparison to a lesser pregnancy rate of 13% in females who identified as heterosexual but had slept with women, and 13% in those who had only ever slept with men.

The results were just as unexpected when it came to the guys.

The study revealed that 28% of gay and bisexual men had got girls pregnant, as had 37% of those who have sex with both men and women, with just 10% of straight men having got a girl pregnant.

According to Dr Lindley, what is key, is educating students of every sexual identity (especially the LGBT community) about birth control methods to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Sexual orientation should be considered in future adolescent pregnancy-prevention efforts, including the design of pregnancy-prevention interventions.”


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