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If only the world was as “open-minded” as us… Alas, matters of sexual identity and equal love, often cause so much friction in the rest of the world. Here, find an open dialogue on the issues facing our LGBT community.

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This advert, which is believed to be the Canada’s Response To Russia’s Anti-LGBT Propaganda Law, has been watched more than 5 million times on …

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A group of lovely ladies took some time to read some incredibly nasty messages you can only find on Grindr, SCRUFF, and GROWLr.

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These Men Were Enjoying Watching These Scantily Clad Women … Until They Discovered Why They Were Dancing  

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Credit to the Greek Winter Olympic group for showing their Russian hosts the proverbial middle finger with a brilliant, colourful reaction to the Russian …

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As the public eye seems to change its view on same-sex couples and marriage, political leaders have had to pay more attention to the …

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The aim of LGBT History Month is to recognise and celebrate all the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people who have contributed to society …

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So it’s February, which means one thing, its LGBT History Month. This fantastic calendar event is here to celebrate the lives and achievements of …

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What’s the campaign called?  LGBT History Month is an event first marked in Scotland a mere nine years ago to coincide with the abolition of …

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This year the university will be presenting a number of events in support of LGBT History Month –  All talks are free and they …