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People Look For Hookups More In Summer, Study Says

Fall is for dates at pumpkin patches. In winter, you need someone to cuddle with. Spring is the season of blossoming love.

But summer? Summer is for sex.

Hey, it’s science.

OKCupid recently released their analysis from a study of 18 million active users. Over the course of years, from 2013 to 2016, they tracked users’ answers to the question, “About how long do you want your next relationship to last?”

Users could answer, “One night,” “A few months to a year,” “Several years,” or even “The rest of my life.”

They found that in April, May and June, there is a 17% increase in people looking for one-night stands, on average. In June alone, 33% more people look for a one-night stand, as compared to the other eleven months.

The inverse is slightly true. From January to March, there is a 2% increase in people looking for longer relationships of “a few months to a year.” The cold is for commitment and cuddling.

But the steep drive toward hookups in June is too dramatic to overlook. Why does it exist? Their data scientists have posited some theories.

  1. People travel more during the summer, and when you’re only in a place for a short period of time, you’ll only want someone while you’re there. You might not find your true love while you’re on a weekend trip to Vegas, but you might find a girl who looks great on your arm.
  2. People wear fewer clothes in the spring and summer, making them more uninhibited. I mean, a one night stand is technically much easier if you only have a bikini to work through, as opposed to a parka.
  3. Now that it’s warm out, people are more likely to venture out of doors and brave public spaces like clubs and pools and sex parties.

Read the rest of the study here, and then start polishing your pickup lines.

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