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‘Queer and Disabled’ Is A Must-Watch YouTube Series

According to the United Nations, around 10% of the world’s population (650 million people) is disabled, making people with disabilities people the world’s largest minority. But what if you are a person with a disability who also identifies as LGBTQ+? What difficulties and challenges do you face, then?

A new YouTube series, called Queer and Disabled, aims to explore this, as four women who identify as both queer and disabled (Annie Segarra, Rachel Anne, Robyn Lambird, and Erin E) dispel myths and offer an insight on what it’s like to be both.

In the series’ first video, titled Misconceptions, the women answer the question “what are some misconceptions you think people have about the sexualities of disabled people?”

They explain that people with disabilities are often desexualised, or hyper-sexualised to the point of fetishization. People rarely assume that people with disabilities are queer, either.

The second video, Representation and Accessibility, sees the women answer “do you think media representation of queer disabled folks affects how we are percepted in real life?” and “do you feel like LGBTQ+ spaces are accessible to you? Do you feel welcome in those spaces and in queer culture in general?”

While their answers are perhaps disappointing to hear – they point out that there are few queer disabled characters and that while some LGBTQ+ spaces are accessible, there are still issues with inclusivity – the fact that the series discusses this could hopefully set the ball rolling for change.

Other videos in Queer and Disabled’s six-part series include ‘Dating Apps and Discussing Disability,’ ‘Fetishization,’ ‘Dating DOS and DON’TS’ and ‘Disabled LGBTQ+ Youth’ which are all very much watching too.

Unfortunately, it’s currently unclear whether the four women have plans to make more Queer and Disabled videos in future, but we will keep you posted should they release more parts in the series.


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