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Relationship Dilemmas – We Hate Them, But Here is Some Advice on How to Deal With Them

The world of dating is not for the faint hearted. It is a battle to find and woo your princess amidst all the rot and filth. Here are a couple of relationships dilemmas and how to deal with them.

To leave or not to leave a cheating girlfriend

This one is pretty easy to sort out. If it’s the first time and her excuse is believable, give her a second chance. If it’s not the first time, with or without an excuse get out of there. True cheats always repeat the mistake.


In love with two people at the same time

This is a tough one. Get the emotions out of the picture. Judge the two of them using a different scale. Their life choices, education, success, focus in life, looks or whatever is important to you. Pick the one who comes out on top.


To reveal or not to reveal what you like in bed

The fear is that if you reveal what you like she might think you’re a freak. So you bottle it inside. A relationship is a leap of faith. Take it step by step. Find a suitable time to talk about your needs and then worry about the next step. The worst that can happen is for her to say no.


To tell or not to tell about your past

It depends on which stage of the relationship you are in. If you just met or still in the early stages, don’t give her your life history. On the other hand if you’re getting serious the skeletons in your closet should be gently explained to your future partner. There is nothing as bad as keeping secrets as they tend to come out at the most unfortunate time.


Get intimate or not

Getting into bed with someone is a huge commitment. Sure there are one night stands and all sorts of arrangements, but its serious business. The rule is not too fast or too early.



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