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Saving Your Relationship

Being a relationship can be difficult no matter what, but adding on that it is a lesbian relationship adds a million times more stress onto it. Considering if each party isn’t 100% comfortable with their sexual orientation there is no way that all the efforts can be put into something that needs 101% percent of your devotion and attention.

However, if both parties are completely open and devoted, there isn’t much of a complication here.

What was the attraction to your relationship in the first place? Similar activities and interests? A friendship, or a spark that came up when you first met?

Whatever started it, turning back to the beginning is a good way of keeping your relationship at the top. Things tend to fade away with time. Are all of your feelings still there? Can you see your future with this girl?

One thing lesbian couples notice is that they give up their independence. This is a problem because if two women become fully dependent on each other, the relationship becomes smothered.

Attraction is the number one thing in a relationship, and if it is not there, then there’s not much of a relationship.

You cannot change someone else, but you can change yourself back to who you were in the beginning of the relationship. This isn’t something that can be done overnight. You need to give your partner space if you are having troubles. Give them time to miss you. Don’t text, email, call, every five seconds.

Give them the space they deserve and think about everything you had together. You can call after about a week. Don’t push for the relationship straight away, focus on being friends and maintaining a healthy friendship.

Good luck in saving your lesbian relationship!


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