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SNL’s ‘Cherry Grove’ Shows Just How Wild Lesbians Can Be

The SNL "Cherry Grove" skit will make you rethink LGBTQ representation in a major way.
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Fire Island. The land of pure queer debauchery, sex clubs, and glitter.

The queer TV channel Logo is even developing a show based on the mind-blowingly rich gay men who frequent the island. The show, called Fire Island, follows six wild gay men who are young, fit and ready to party. When they’re not having sex, they’re making out in beds. They all live in a mansion together. The trailer shows nonstop dancing, drama, sweat, money and queerness. It’s Jersey Shore meets Queer as Folk.

Right around the corner is Cherry Grove.

Saturday Night Live premiered their own trailer for Cherry Grove, a show about “a group of affluent lesbians one beach away.” The trailer stars Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong, Sasheer Zamata and Scarlett Johansson. AKA your dream casting of The L. Word 2.0.

“If you think Fire Island is non-stop sex, wait until you see what passes for a bang fest in Cherry Grove,” says the narrator. The trailer cuts to an acoustic Annie Lennox singalong around a dinner table while babies nap in the next room.

What else do wild and crazy lesbians do in their free time? They complete wolf-themed jigsaw puzzles, sit on couches while holding multiracial babies, make broccoli salad and have delicately passive-aggressive disagreements about childcare. As the gay men of Fire Island dance and have orgies until 6 a.m., Scarlett Johannsen whispers tearfully to Kate McKinnon, “I just need you to see me.”

“Excuse me, guys!” McKinnon later shouts from the porch at the neighbors. “Can you please lower your voice? There are five miracles of home water birth asleep inside!”

While introducing herself to the camera, Aidy Bryant says, “I’m thirty-eight. And I’m the lactose intolerant one.”

Will Cherry Grove ever become a real show? Sadly, probably not. But would I love to talk about the miracles of home water birth with Kate McKinnon and Scarlett Johannsen while doing a wolf puzzle? What queer woman wouldn’t?

Watch the trailer here.

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