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Special Toys To Make Your GF See Stars?

Are you trying to come up with the perfect birthday or anniversary present for your girlfriend? Navigating someone else’s sexual desires can be difficult when they’re not around to give you advice. Thankfully, your girlfriend’s favorite sex toys probably fit in with her astrological sign. Check both of your sex toy horoscopes below, and see which toy will bring the best buzz to your bedroom.

Taurus: Rabbit Habit

Taurus women are cautious and loyal lovers. They don’t give their heart out to just anyone, but once they care about someone, they’re passionate and faithful to the end. They appreciate the art of seduction, and they look for a partner who has the stamina to work at it for a while.

The Rabbit Habit will let your lady get her pleasure just a bit simpler, thanks to the vibrating body and rotating shaft. While Rabbit vibrators have been classics since they burst onto the scene over 30 years ago, the newest upgrade – the Rabbit Habit – offers the benefits that modern technology can come up with. There’s a reason that even Oprah called the Rabbit “the Roll’s Royce of vibrators”.

Gemini: Vibrating Panties

Gemini women are known for being a bit flighty and unpredictable, which only leads to their ability to excite those around them. They enjoy high-frequency sex, as well as high-risk experimentation (such as public sex or swinging). Your Gemini girlfriend craves control – but she wants you to decide when she gets it.

To keep her inner exhibition satisfied, we recommend a high-quality vibrating panty, such as the Vibro Panty. Between the comfortable cotton/lycra blend and the wireless remote, these panties can be worn discretely in public for a bit of extra fun. Those looking for a vibrator that will fit underneath your normal underwear should give this C-string a shot instead. We can’t imagine it’s the most comfortable option, but exhibition is supposed to push your boundaries a bit anyway – you might as well try it out!

Cancer: Nipple Stimulators

Cancer women prefer to be a bit mysterious – self-sustaining, but craving human affection on the inside. When they have sex, it’s a full mind and body experience – unmatched by most other signs. Get things started with a sensual massage to help ease her out of her shell – then be sure to stimulate her mind, her body, and maybe even her ego.

Nipple stimulators, such as these mini nipple suckers, can add just the right amount of stimulation, while leaving your hands (and mouth) free to give her even more attention. They take some time to get used to, but rest assured that your Cancer partner will love getting to know them with you. They’re even discrete enough to wear in public under a bra, and they make your boobs look pretty nice, too. Everyone wins!

Leo: Fiera

Leos can have some trouble getting in the mood, so they need a partner who’s willing to nurture their sensual side. She needs to feel adored, appreciated, and secure before she can get turned on. If her partner is one of the signs that prefers a more straightforward approach, there can be a clash – leading to Leo remaining unsatisfied, while her partner is completely unaware.

The Fiera vibrator was designed to set the mood – and, in fact, studies have proven that it is effective, fairly discrete, and it works quickly. Fiera works just as well for warming up as it does for the main event, so it’s the perfect choice to get the party started – even in a hurry. Plus, the Fiera is discrete enough that it can be taken in public – adding a little extra teasing and temptation for the woman who needs a bit of encouragement.

Virgo: iRide

Virgo women have a tendency to be very conservative in the bedroom. She doesn’t really experiment much on her own, so it’s best if she has a partner who can gently push her out of her comfort zone. She is highly logical and prefers to take charge whenever possible, so remember to suggest rather than direct. She is content to take things into her own hands – but probably won’t mind if you ask to watch.

When it comes to having fun on your own, the toys that bring the greatest results are the ones with the most surface area. The iRide offers a comfortable ride-on toy that entices the clitoris as well as internal vibrations. This toy was meant to be ridden, spooned, and rocked on, meaning you can just lean back and enjoy the show. Or, join in on the fun and have a hassle-free threesome (no third person required!).

Libra: Vesper Pendant

Libras are the most social and laid-back of all the signs, so their sex life needs to fit in with the rest of their lives. She is creative and adventurous in the bedroom (or the washroom – whichever’s closer) and she’s the first to suggest trying something new. She still needs to be practical, though, so her sex toys need to be ready to go.

Enter the Vesper Pendant Vibrator. This sexy necklace looks like a trendy fashion statement, but hidden inside is a super discrete, surprisingly powerful vibrator! The USB-rechargeable slim design comes in three attractive color combinations, and even custom engraving. Once you get your personalized pendant, you’ll notice it has 4 different speed settings and a water-resistant design. This is the toy that balances sexy and romantic – and it does a damn good job, too.

Scorpio: Fetish Restraint

Scorpio women are some of the sexiest and most fiery women out there – and, as such, sex with them will almost always result in fetishes, passion, and some serious fantasy play. She sees things through, and she strives to be anything but boring. Experimentation is in the name of the game.

If you’re looking to bring in a little extra heat, check out the Fetish Fantasy Web Restraint. This bed-sized restraint system lets you lock your lady onto your own personal spider web. (Or, if you’d prefer, she can lock you into it – it’s all good!). This restraint system comes with the spider web mat and four padded straps that connect to the outer edges. Perfect for getting full control!

Sagittarius: Kegel Toys

Optimistic Sagittarius might be a bit moody sometimes, but that’s only because of her pent-up energy. She can also be a bit detached, and she’s the best at one-night stands for that exact reason. Sag women are the best at the hit-it-and-quit-it game, but once they do open up to you, be prepared to help her cross some things off her sexual bucket list (which gets new things added on a regular basis).

The best toy for her is one that lets her get off while also doing other important stuff – and the Minna kGoal was designed to reward kegel exercises with an orgasm. How great is that for the multi-taskers of the world? When inserted, it’s totally discrete, and squeezing the bulb translates to sensual vibrations. The harder you squeeze, the stronger the buzz. There’s even smartphone tracking so you can see how far you’ve come. It’s too bad all exercise doesn’t feel this good.

Capricorn: Comet Wand

Capricorns are patient and helpful, which makes them natural-born leaders. She’s often so busy staying organized and classy that she forgets to take some time for herself! However, once she’s ready to go, the sex is both a physical and metaphysical experience – she really knows how to have a wild time!

Since she’s less concerned with how she gets there (and more concerned with keeping things productive), the Comet Wand will get straight to the point. Its curved shape is sure to deliver with intense G-spot stimulation. Quite simply, the Comet Wand is made to get shit done.

Aquarius: Duckie Vibrator

Freedom-loving Aquarius needs something that lets her be her wise, but stubborn, self. She’s usually the most fun person in the room, although she might need to be reminded of it. Her love of fluid situations means that she enjoys a good quickie, and she needs a toy that will let her be herself. If she can do it without your help, that’s even better!

The Rub My Ducky vibe is a cute, but surprisingly powerful little waterproof vibrator. The different textures of the various body parts give different sensations, as you please, and you don’t even have to worry about cropping it out of your selfies – it just looks like a cute little bath toy! (Unless, of course, you keep it on your night stand – that might look a little conspicuous.)

Pisces: Ocean Vibe

Empathetic Pisces has a hard time taking control of the situation, because they don’t want to make their partner uncomfortable. They need to be with someone who can take charge in the bedroom, without being insensitive. Simply put, Pisces women need a gentle leader in the bedroom – someone to take them over the edge, but in a soft, romantic way.

Sweep her off her feet and into the sheets with the sleek Ocean Vibe. This thing was practically made for the water signs, with its soft waves of pure pleasure directly to the G-Spot, as well as either the clit or the anus. No matter what type of pleasure your lady is into, get her there in style with the Ocean Vibe.

Aries: Minna Limon

For the woman who loves being the center of attention, whether she’s giving or receiving, it’s important that her partner lets her take control and lead the way. She’s a natural born leader in every sense of the word, and she won’t settle for pleasure that relies on another person – she’d rather let someone else join in on her solo sexcapades than let them take the reins.

The Minna Limon is a discrete vibrator that was built to please, with its comfortable shape and completely waterproof design. The shape can easily fit in the palm of your hand or sit snugly right along your sensitive bits. What’s even better is that there’s a squeeze-memory – meaning that the Limon’s vibration is completely customizable to your exact preferences. What a time to be alive!


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