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The OITNB Drinking Game (for the Ultimate Binge Watching Fan)

With Season 3 fast approaching, lez/bi women everywhere are settling in for a marathon re-run of Seasons 1 & 2. And how to make it even more interesting? Well, alcohol, of course…

Piper and Alex share fleeting or furious glances– All Players Drink


Sophia is Sassy – All Players Drink


Alex Vause’s Eyewear – (When Vause insists on removing or readjusting her glasses, either to really accentuate that glare, or just reveal those over-plucked eyebrows) – All Players Drink


Pennsatucky Mentions Jesus (or is seen with a Bible) – All Players Drink 


Mr Healy Scowls About Lesbianism – All Players Drink


You want to be friends with Poussey so much it makes you want to cry – Finish Your Drink


Janae is unnecessarily rude or defensive – All Players Drink


Hot Blonde Extra – (Respect must be paid to Hot Blonde Extra. Although she gets hardly annylines, she can be seen in the background of many an episode, brightening our screens and distracting us from the main action) – First Player To Spot “HBE” Nominates One Person To Drink


Nikki Swears – Each player must repeat the swear word loudly. Last Player To Shout Drinks


Morello Mentions Christopher – All Players Drink


Piper experiences #WhiteGirlProblems – All Players Drink


The theme tune gets a little much – Shots All Round


Behind the scenes….

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