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US Inaugural Poet, Richard Bianco, Writes Tribute to Same-Sex Marriage – #MarriageEquality

The US inaugural poet, Richard Bianco, has written a tribute to same-sex marriage.

Bianco became the first out inaugural poet when he read at Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2012.

His new poem ‘Until We Could’has been penned for Freedom To Marry, to celebrate a decade since Massachusetts became the first state to legalize same-sex marriage.

Blanco said

“It seemed like the perfect fit immediately. It was a cause I believed in and wanted to be part of.

As the first openly gay inaugural poet, it felt very inspirational. Love is love, marriage is marriage. In both cases they come with the good and bad, the great and dysfunctional.

 I wanted the poem to convey that in a way that even straight couples could relate to. I took moments based on personal experience, so I’m retracing the love I have for my own partner, and my own sense of marriage.”

Richard Bianco

The poem, released today, was brought to life in a video by House of Cards star Robin Wright, and X-Men actor Ben Foster. Watch below…


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