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We Put 5 misconceptions About Feminine Lesbians to Rest

Yes that’s right – we put 5 misconceptions about Feminine Lesbians to rest. So listen up…

1. They going through a phase

No, its not a phase. This major misconceptions that sadly many femmes have probably heard before. When femmes come out the whole world gets a bit confused. Those princess-loving, straight-looking girly girls that make the guys drawl just shouldn’t be lesbians – right. Wrong! Their lesbianism is permanent, and not a phase.

2. That femmes are masking their lesbian nature

Oftentimes, feminine lesbians face marginalisation at the hands of both LGBT and straight people. Why – well because they don’t look like ‘real’ lesbians, they’re copping out, and hiding their sexual preference to a homophobic society. Sometimes there’s an added assumption that they’re not ‘out’ in the community or are confused.

3. Ummm, femmes are passive… (cough)

Their is misleading stereotype that feminine lesbian sit in the background, legs crossed and eyelashes batting. If you think that then you are way wrong. While their some ladies out there who prefer their partners to take the lead, others are dominant.

4. Femmes are Superficial

Beneath the makeup and frilly dresses, femmes tend to be no more shallow than the rest of the population. Much like their girly straight counterparts, lesbians who slather on the lip gloss can be intelligent, kindhearted, AND open-minded.

5. Femmes are bisexuals in disguise

The decision to identify as lesbian or bisexual is a highly personal one. If women identifies as lesbian, them believe her. Appearance doesn’t dictate sexuality and neither should you.


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