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Woman Posts Feminist Messages Written On Period Pads Across Her Hometown

When it comes to feminism, most of the general public like to hide their heads in the sand. Its hard to grab people’s attention, but a woman from Karlsruhe, Germany named Elonë is has solved this problem by using a controversial medium – sticking period pads on walls and poles around the city.

Her actions / art is about gender equality and the elimination of rape culture, and she chose International Women’s Day as the perfect day to reveal her message.

Her feminist project began with this pad that reads: ‘imagine if men were as disgusted with rape as they are with periods’.


Seeing a period pad in a public place is jarring and sure to offend some people, but that’s precisely what Elonë is looking for. She has already attracted the attention of thousands of supporters and critics alike from around the world, including people who want to apply her project in their own cities as well.

The whole idea behind her project is to start a conversation about feminism and put pressing social issues like rape in perspective. So, despite the critics that have bombarded her with messages, she insists that her message is one of “equality, not men hate”.


And indeed, her messages are so popular and shareable because they are so simple and clear – now is the time to stop rape culture, victim-blaming and gender inequality.


Some have criticized her use of pads as being wasteful, and while the young woman understands this sentiment, she assures that she is only using one package and actually donates pads to local homeless women regularly.

No matter how you feel about her tactics, her message is an important one.  To see more of what Elonë has coming up, you can continue to follow her on Tumblr and Instagram.



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