10 Sex Positions You And Your Lady Need To Try In 2016

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The beginning of the year is an obvious time to make some changes in your life. We make goals to get more organized, to be more productive, to spend more time with our family… Why not make a goal to have better sex this year?

We’ve searched far and wide to find some new sex positions to try out – here are the best ones we found!

The Laconic Lounger

Difficulty: Super Easy

What to do: The receiving partner should lie on her back, supported by two pillows (or a medium sex cushion). The giving partner will kneel between her legs and slowly circle her clit. She may choose to fondle her partner with her free hand, or she might decide that kissing and teasing is a better idea!

Why we like it: It’s simple, fairly universal, and can be done by partners of any size.

The Tire Swing

Difficulty: Super Easy

What to do: Partner A should be seated (in a chair or against a wall). Partner B will sit in her lap, back to chest. If Partner B can move her hips around to stimulate the vulva, this is great! Both partners should finger each other or themselves – or take turns!

Why we like it: Mutual masturbation is a fun way to spice things up, and the skin contact while you’re doing it adds extra pleasure.

The Espresso

Difficulty: Still Pretty Easy

What to do: Both partners should be kneeling, facing each other. Intertwine your knees, so that each of you has a thigh against the other’s clit. Then, grind your bodies against each other while you kiss and tease each other’s bodies. It might be a bit intense for some, but for those who love intimate sex, this one’s a sure winner.

Why we like it: This gives you the pleasure of making out, tribbing, and skin-to-skin contact all in one – and we bet it’s a steamy way to get things started!

The Breast Enhancer

Difficulty: Still Pretty Easy

What to do: The receiving partner should be in a seated position, preferably against a wall (for stability). The giving partner will kneel between her lover’s legs and lean forward, such that each partner’s nipples will be stimulated by the nipples of the other partner. Then, using your fingers or that new toy you got for Christmas, rub her clit gently – teasing is the key with this one!

Why we like it: Nipple play seems to get overlooked a lot, and this move gives it the attention it rightly deserves – without being rough or slobbery.

The Bad Cop

Difficulty: Not Hard, But Requires Props

What to do: This is going to be another modified doggy style position. The receiving partner will be face down with her bum in the air. If she prefers a gentler experience, give her a pillow for under her head. The giving partner should handcuff or otherwise bind her, and penetrate her from behind with a strap-on. For the ladies that like it extra rough, this position is great for spanking, or for covering the receiving partner’s mouth so she can’t make a sound… Just make sure your partner is OK with this type of play first!

Why we like it: Hey, the new year is all about getting things under control – and the giver has complete control with this one.

The Spider

Difficulty: Not Hard, But Requires Props

What to do: The giving partner will be seated in a chair, wearing a strap-on. The receiving partner will bring herself over the top, facing her partner’s body in the chair. Making out, neck kissing, and clit rubbing are all encouraged.

Why we like it: This has the potential to lead to a steamy session – and it’s always fun to get it on in the dining room.

The Wicked Warm-Up

Difficulty: Easy, With Practice

What to do: The giving partner will be kneeling on the floor. The receiving partner should stand in front of her, and then drape one leg over the giver’s shoulder. This can make it difficult to find your balance, so make sure you have a wall to lean against if you think you’ll need it. The giving partner will then orally please her standing partner – try sucking on the lower abdomen (above the pubis) for extra teasing power.

Why we like it: This year, we want to have more exciting sex – so we’re taking it out of the bed. This standing position seems so steamy and exciting.

The Rocket

Difficulty: Easy, With Practice

What to do: The giving partner will be lying on her back, in a comfortable position. The receiving partner will kneel over her face, with her legs over her partner’s shoulders. (This works best if the larger partner is the one lying down, but with practice you can make it work regardless of size differences.) If the receiving partner is able to reach back and stimulate the giving partner’s breasts with her hands, this is even better.

Why we like it: Because we’ve decided that 2016 is the year we focus on mutual stimulation – and this position lets the receiving partner stimulate, too!

The Double Duty

Difficulty: Moderate

What to do: For this position, there is no dedicated giver and receiver. Partner A should be in a modified doggy style position with her pelvis in the air and her knees straightened slightly. (Feet together as best you can!) Partner B will straddle Partner A’s outstretched legs, rubbing herself against them for clitoral stimulation, while also stimulating Partner A orally. This definitely works best if Partner A is taller, but if Partner B is not able to make this one work, she can use her fingers instead of her tongue.

Why we like it: Mutual stimulation – and tribbing is always good in my book!

The Maypole

Difficulty: Tricky

What to do: Both partners will be standing for this one. Face each other, from a comfortable (but intimate) distance. Each of you should wrap your left leg around the other so that your bodies are intertwined. Hold each other close while you each rub the other’s clit. (You can use your fingers or a vibrator, according to your preference.) It may take a while to build your stability with this one, but it’s so worth it once you do.

Why we like it: Intimacy, excitement, and the potential for tribbing/mutual masturbation all in the same position? Yes, please.

Got any suggestions of your own for the KitschMix family? Share them in the comments!

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