10 Struggles The Straightforward Girl Has To Cope With

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If you are anything like me and speak your mind, are confident in your own decisions and are never backwards at coming forwards, then you are classed as being straightforward. People know that you mean what you say, you’re a no nonsense girl that is on top of stuff and you won’t tolerate any bull. But, as much as there are benefits to having that type of personality, there are also drawbacks as well.

For example, I can be quite acerbic and my sharp sense of humour and my occasional sarcasm does offend people sometimes. I don’t mean to, but it happens. Plus, to be completely honest, this doesn’t always worry me either. It’s a take me as I am attitude. I also find that some of my friends will rely on me a lot because they see me as being strong and able to cope. But that can get quite wearing.

So, for all you straightforward girls out there, what are our top 10 struggles?

Sometimes what you say is taken as bitchiness.

When you say exactly what is on your mind people often think you are being a nasty bitch. If someone is annoying the hell out of you, you aren’t afraid to let them know it. However, most people don’t like this openness and take it as a criticism or an insult, when in fact you are simply letting them know that they are bugging you and you’d like them to stop.

Your brain thinks it; your mouth speaks it.

This can be a real issue on occasion. For example, if you are in a situation where a bit of sensitivity is needed or you are talking to someone with opposing views to yours, not having a filter from our brain to our mouth can sometimes cause us problems.

You always tell the truth, no matter what.

Oh boy, can’t this be a problem sometimes? Some people simply don’t like the truth, but as far as your concerned why bother to ask the question if they don’t want an honest answer and what is the point in you lying to them? If a friend asks you if her new top looks good and you think it doesn’t you will till her as much. Not to hurt her feelings, but it’s what you think and you want her to look good. However, many people ask some questions such as this for you to make them feel better and unfortunately they are not going to get that from you unless you believe it to be true.

Annoying people seem to like you.

Loudmouths, gossips, troublemakers and aggressors all seem to be drawn to you like bees around a honeypot. They think your outspokenness makes you one of them and therefore you must think like them and behave like them, so they are eager to build friendships with you.  Just because you say what you mean doesn’t mean to say you are a nasty or hurtful person.

You aren’t afraid of your boss.

It’s amazing how many bosses hate this. It’s as if they think their staff should be scared of them in order for them to exert control or authority over you. Many people are intimidated by their bosses and although you understand they are your superior and are in a position of power this doesn’t make you behave any differently towards them. If you have a boss on an ego trip that expects to be treated and spoken to like they are a demi god, it’s unlikely you will stay with the company for very long.

You automatically become the leader in situations.

This struggle gets very wearing sometimes. If you meet up with friends, they will have assumed that you have the whole night planned out for you all. If it’s someone’s birthday they will automatically put you in charge to organize something wonderful. Sometimes it would just be nice to go along with what has already been organized by someone else rather than having to take responsibility for everyone else’s fun on your own shoulders.

You’re extremely sarcastic

Straightforwardness and sarcasm seem to go hand in hand. As your brain is very sharp and your sense of humour is always in play you often make sarcastic comments about things that some people are never sure how to take. You can almost see their brains ticking as they try to work out if you were being funny or a complete bitch.

You won’t tolerate stupidity.

Most straightforward people are often very intelligent and well informed so if someone is saying something completely idiotic you have no patience in dealing with them. You are very likely to tell them they are saying something ridiculous or you will simply say nothing at all and blank them completely while looking at them with a face that says a thousand words!

People with no drive frustrate you.

As a very driven person you get very frustrated at people that seem to have no get up and go or ambition. You probably find that most of your friends are very similar to yourself and have a drive for success. When dealing with someone with little drive you are likely to want to stick a bomb up their jacksie and will not hesitate in telling them to shake themselves into action, and quickly.

You are very open.

You don’t have any problem being open and honest about your own life. You’d quite happily discuss your sex life or your partying habits or your latest problem with your partner, but some people don’t like this and get embarrassed with other people’s openness. You probably always wonder why people have a problem with openness, but it won’t make you stop. You’ll still continue to be open not matter what anyone else says.


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