11 Real and Annoying Struggles Bisexual Woman In A Heterosexual Relationship Face

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So, it would appear that bisexuality is still confusing the hell out of everyone, especially when you’re a bi-women seeing a man.

If you’re with a man, you’re straight now. If you’re with a woman, that’s all you amount to — and it’s not just limiting, it’s false.

And it’s frustrating. And it makes you feel like all the identity you’ve worked so hard to own and embrace is getting squished.

It seems people still just don’t get bisexuality. And because of the confusion, bisexual people are forced to struggle with annoying situations.

Here are elven very real struggles bisexual women encounter.

1. Everyone assumes you’re “Straight Again” — Which would be fine, if “everyone” didn’t also include the people you’ve already come out to.

Struggles Bisexual 04

2. You get comments such as “I always knew you’d choose men…”

Struggles Bisexual 06

3. People ask if you’ve “Told them [your partner]” of your sexuality.

Struggles Bisexual 02

4. Assumptions, that you suddenly have heterosexual privilege.

Struggles Bisexual 10

5. Constantly being asked “But which do you like MORE; men or women?”

Struggles Bisexual 12

6. People assume your last same-sex relationship was just a phase.

Struggles Bisexual 01

7. People assume that you’ll be willing to cheat on your partner.

Struggles Bisexual 05

8. People asking how many threesomes you’ve had, before winking at you partner and trying to high-five them.

Struggles Bisexual 09

9. Realising your partner is more threatened by your old boyfriends than your old girlfriends.

Struggles Bisexual 11

10. Hearing the words “But I thought you were gay?” even though you’ve explained countless times you’re bi.

Struggles Bisexual 14

11. You feel completely erased from the LGBT spectrum (at least in lesbian communities eyes).

Struggles Bisexual 13

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