11 Reasons Introverts Make The Best Girlfriends

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Are you considering dating an introvert? If you’ve never dated an introvert before, let me tell you: We’re a special breed.

We’re generally calm and shy, at least until we get to know someone.

We’re more comfortable in a one-on-one setting than we are in large groups, and it can take us time to get comfortable enough to bare our souls.

We might be insecure, and we need appreciation, trust, and love just as much as (if not more than) our extroverted peers. Still, that doesn’t mean that introverts are boring or over-emotional – here are 11 reasons why introverts are actually the best.

1. We’re totally faithful.

It takes time for an introvert to actually fall for someone – and we definitely don’t take relationships lightly. We’d rather play it safe than take unnecessary risks, so we’re not going to have any wild oats to sow. We know that faithfulness creates a deeper bond, and we would rather have one deeper connection than just a series of trysts.

2. We’re great listeners.

Introverts understand how important it is to communicate clearly, so we pay attention to every detail of the things our girlfriends tell us. We want to make sure we have the most well-crafted answers, so we take time to process things before responding. Introverts know just how precious words can be, too, so we’ll even listen to the things you don’t say.

3. We’ll give you space.

Introverts recharge in our alone time so that we can handle the drain of the crowd. This alone time means a lot to us, but it also gives you the opportunity to do your own thing. We aren’t clingy, and we won’t stand in the way of your hobbies. You do you – we’ll be here waiting when you get back.

4. We’re empathetic.

Introverts are especially in touch with our intuition and our surroundings, so we can pick up on the changes in mood and feelings. This means that we’d never say something just to hurt you, because your happiness is our happiness. You’re our rock in this world – so we’re devoted to helping keep you solid.

5. We’re more thoughtful than most.

Introverts don’t rush into things or jump to conclusions – making us excellent gift-givers. We won’t buy you a gift just because tradition calls for something, because we know what you really like and would rather get you something that made us think of you. We’re also better on paper, so you can expect some love notes or doodles from time to time.

6. We’re honest.

Introverts are knowledgeable and self-aware, and we keep firm control over our words. That means there’s no time for insincerity or dishonesty – that falls under the category of “small talk” which is to be avoided. We’d rather have a deep, honest chat that allows us to be selective about the words we use.

7. We’re more energetic than you might expect.

While introverts often thrive in the areas of logic and reason, we’re also passionate about the things that matter to us – and we’d love to share that passion with you sometime, if we feel comfortable with you. We would prefer not to argue, but when disagreements do come up, we’d rather explain our perspective than hash it out. Most of the time, though, we’re bubbly and loving once you get past the hard exterior.

8. We plan our actions.

Introverts don’t just pick something on a whim – choices take thought and careful planning to make sure we know what we’re getting ourselves into. We consider our options carefully before moving forward. This extends to the people we choose to keep around ourselves, too – we’d rather have a small, selective group than a bunch of acquaintances, so if you make it to our inner circle, be assured that you’re very special to us.

9. We crave intimacy.

Introverts would rather have “real” than “instant” – so we’ll take our time to form a sincere bond. We are the masters of the one-on-one relationship, and we’d rather solve our problems without gossiping about them. We have no time for shallow conversations, but when you get us onto a topic we feel strongly about, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

10. We’ll teach you new things.

Introverts know the importance of slowing down, which makes us great at analyzing and learning about things. We share our most insightful observations with the people who matter to us, and we might even notice things about you that you’d never noticed before. We can even teach you how to appreciate the little moments!

11. We’ll understand.

Introverts are naturally drawn to problem-solving, and we see mysteries as challenges we need to conquer. We look closely at every side of an issue before we form our opinions about it, which gives us next-level perspective over things. We can offer possible explanations and solutions for the struggles in life, and we’ll be there to support you as you make your way through them.

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