11 Types of Orgasms a Woman Can Have

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Most of us enjoy having orgasms. It’s pretty much a basic human instinct, actually, and unless there’s something else weighing on your mind, it’s pretty much guaranteed that orgasm = good.

But what if I told you that you weren’t having the variety of orgasms that you could be having?

Many women mistakenly believe that there are four types of sexual climax for women. There’s vaginal, clitoral, mental, and the G-spot orgasm (which, contrary to what you might have heard, is definitely not a myth). Some lucky women know about an elusive fifth too: The breast orgasm. (I have yet to experience that one for myself, but apparently it is a real thing.)

But what if I told you there were actually eleven different types of orgasm you can have – and I could walk you through the ways to get the best out of them? I haven’t gone through them all personally, but Monica from Monica’s Box helped to lay out the basics of the 11 types. How many have you had – and how many would you like to try?

1. The Clitoral Orgasm

This is one of the most common for women to experience, and since the clitoris is the most sensitive spot of the average female body (your experience may vary) it’s understandably intense. The nerve endings located here spread through the entire body, so a clitoral orgasm can cause intense sensations in completely unrelated areas!

Of course, since not all women are the same, the efforts necessary to have this type of orgasm will understandably vary. Some women like very light, indirect stimulation (such as through the clitoral hood, or through their underwear material). Other women like it a bit firmer, and with direct contact. Be sure to check with your partner to see what she likes – after all, that’s what’s important here! – and urge her to do the same with you.

For most women, oral sex is the easiest way to have a clitoral orgasm. After all, with a little communication, you should be able to tell your partner exactly what you want, and allow her to take you to heaven. If she’s not good – teach her! Most likely, she’ll be an eager learner.

You can stimulate the clitoris with your fingers, as well, or with a vibrator. Make sure you communicate throughout the entire process, especially since the clitoris is often extra sensitive after this type of orgasm (sometimes to the point of being painful). If it becomes painful before an orgasm is had, it’s best to try to lubricate the area more thoroughly, and/or use a lighter touch.

Clitoral orgasms are intense, but many women report them being “less deep” than other types of orgasms. (That’s not to say that it’s not a highly enjoyable process, though, especially when combined with other types of orgasms as well.)

2. The Vaginal Orgasm

Vaginal orgasms are often less intense than clitoral orgasms, but deeper and more full of pressure. They will vary from woman to woman (as most things do), but generally they are seen as a positive thing.

Some women say that their vaginal orgasms stay fairly centrally located in the pelvic region, while other women report that this type of orgasm spreads to other parts of the body. Vaginal orgasms generally take longer than clitoral orgasms, but can cause contractions strong enough to expel anything that was in the vagina when the orgasm started.

The easiest way to have a vaginal orgasm is with rhythmic thrusting, whether with your fingers or a toy. You should vary pressure and speed as necessary (in response to your partner’s communication and/or body language) and expect to stay at it for 20-30 minutes before she reaches climax.

3. The G-Spot Orgasm

While there’s been a lot of debate about the G-Spot (whether it exists, where exactly it is, and so on…) it is definitely a real thing, and if you’ve penetrated your partner with your fingers, you’ve probably felt it. It’s about 2-3 inches into the vagina and feels a bit spongier than the rest. Somewhat surprisingly, during female arousal, this area becomes engorged with blood and prostatic fluid, causing a type of internal erection. (Yep, not just your clit gets erect!)

For some women, a G-Spot orgasm stays planted right around the G-Spot, while others say that it spreads and “explodes” throughout the entire body. It’s definitely different from woman to woman, in other words, but it’s pretty much always going to feel good.

The best (and easiest) way to have a G-Spot orgasm is with rhythmic circling and pressure. Unlike a vaginal orgasm, which relies on thrusting, you stimulate the G-Spot by pressing and rubbing – closer to a clitoral orgasm. It’s often easier with your fingers, although there are toys designed specifically for G-Spot stimulation. It might be easier to reach it from behind, but with the right toy, you can get it no matter which angle you’re in.

This is one of the longer-to-mature orgasms on our list, taking around 20-30 minutes for most women. It can potentially combine with vaginal and squirting orgasms (see below) without any extra work on your part, but for best results, you shouldn’t focus too hard on multi-tasking. Monica refers to the G-Spot orgasm as the “leg shaker”, for its ability to crash the entire body and put the receiver’s mind in another place.

4. The Squirting Orgasm

Not all women are able to have a squirting orgasm, and truth be told, there’s still some debate among those who have. Some women may be deeply embarrassed by this type of orgasm, since it is preceded by a strong urge to pee. In fact, it’s not entirely clear whether it’s pee or another fluid coming from down there – more research needs to be done, and I’m counting on you guys to help with that!

One of the reasons that a squirting orgasm is so satisfying to women is that it creates a deep bond between the partners – you must be pretty comfortable with each other if you press on when it feels like you’re about to wet yourself. Monica says that it helps to release negative energy and gives a sense of peace. I’ve never experienced one myself, but I have had partners who did.

The verdict’s still out on the specifics of female ejaculation, but aren’t you a little curious to find out for yourself? Luckily, the concept itself isn’t that difficult to try. Usually, squirting orgasms come from G-Spot stimulation – and that’s always a fun place to explore!

5. The A-Spot Orgasm

I know what you’re thinking: “You can’t just add -spot after a letter and call it an orgasm.” At least, that’s what I was thinking. But it turns out, the A-Spot refers to the Anterior Fornix, and it’s responsible for a number of women’s ability to have multiple orgasms. (Note: The A-Spot is not the only way to have multiple orgasms, but unlike some other erogenous zones, this area doesn’t become more sensitive after orgasm, which allows you to continue to build.)

The A-Spot is on the same vaginal wall that the G-Spot is, but about 2-3 inches deeper. Not all women enjoy A-Spot stimulation, so keep this in mind when you’re trying it out on your partner. For those who do enjoy it, this stimulation lends itself well to continuing after climax – and we all know that the second orgasm is usually stronger than the first one.

This orgasm comes from short, deep thrusting. If you are using your fingers, a scooping motion can help this one along. The process is essentially the same as with a G-Spot orgasm, only in a different place.

Women who enjoy A-Spot orgasms say that it brings a very sudden climax. The feeling varies, with similarities to a G-Spot orgasm as well as a vaginal orgasm. Most women say that it gives them an electric feeling that is definitely pleasurable.

6. The Deep Spot Orgasm

Yep, there’s another spot you might not have heard of – the deep spot. The medical name for this spot is the Posterior Fornix. As you may have guessed by the name, this spot is the deepest – being located right before the entry to the cervix. While not everyone enjoys the feeling it gives them, women who do like this area stimulated says it causes very deep, intense orgasms. It may even feel like she’s being anally penetrated – without the stigmas associated with anal sex (which shouldn’t really be there, anyway).

This type of orgasm is best reached with the hand. (This spot is further in than your fingers will be able to reach.) To stimulate the area, you’ll want to make a “come here” motion with your fingers. Start slow, since many women are not used to this type of stimulation. Alternate between long and short strokes, and see how your partner responds.

7. The U-Spot Orgasm

Just in case you thought that was all there was to know about the female anatomy, there’s another sensitive spot. This refers to a very small bit of erectile tissue between the urethra and the vagina. Gentle stimulation is all you need – the response will be quite charged. I find that it’s easiest if you use your tongue, but you can also use the tip of a toy or your finger.

8. The Nipple/Breast Orgasm

Not all women have breasts sensitive enough to climax, but for those who do, it comes from the nerves that the nipples and the clitoris share. These nerves are connected, so for many women, stimulating one directly will also indirectly stimulate the other. A smaller number of these women feel the stimulation so deeply that it can actually result in a full orgasm.

9. The Mouth Orgasm

It might sound strange, but think about it: When you are using your mouth on your partner (in any way), it usually turns you on. It makes sense, then, that further stimulation to your mouth has the potential to lead to an orgasm. Not all women are able to experience this, of course, but the ones who do typically say it starts at the lips and then spreads out to the rest of the body.

10. The Skin Orgasm

The skin is a mysterious part of the sexual nervous system, because it’s not often we associate it with sex in particular. I can’t speak for everyone here, but most of my sexual encounters have involved a great deal of clothing staying on – less skin-to-skin contact. That being said, stimulation of parts of the body that aren’t inherently sexual can result in an orgasm, especially when it’s skin-to-skin with someone you’re emotionally attached to. This orgasm is best reached by sensual massage, although some women can get there through naked cuddling, too.

11. The Mental Orgasm

Those with a particularly strong imagination are the most likely to have mental orgasms. These come from auditory and visual cues sent to our brains that tell us to be aroused. This explains women who get sexual gratification from watching or hearing other people having sex. Most women will find these things arousing (if the variables are right), but some women have enough sensitivity that they can have a full-blown orgasm without any direct stimulation.

To see if you’re sensitive enough to have a full mental orgasm, try laying down and putting on a porn – or just keep the room quiet. Concentrate on thinking about having sexual favors performed on you, but don’t touch! Let your mind lead the way, and envision your deepest fantasies. Flex your kegel muscles and picture everything you desire. Try to resist the urge to help things along, and you should be pleased with the end results!

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