11 Ways to Spot a Relationship Game Player

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Dating and relationships can be many things, but they should never be games.

A healthy relationship does not depend on lies, tricks, guilty secrets, dramatics, or any of the other games.

The “Game Player” – a person who has romantic affairs and/or sexual relations with other women or men but will not commit to any one relationship, often to the contrary of her words and actions.

Here 10 tips that will help you recognise them and hopefully stop the madness…

1. She’s not quite over her ex

‘Not being quite over an ex’ equates to her not planning on making room for you.

Relationship Game Player 02

2. She’s always saying ‘sorry’

We all make mistake, and when we do, we admit we are sorry. Why – well, we say sorry to pardon our actions and spare the other person of the upset we have caused. Saying sorry multiple times is a contradiction. If she is really is sorry, she won’t do it again, and again, and AGAIN.

Relationship Game Player 05

3. She denies your relationship

Behind closed doors you’re her cutie pie, but as soon as you’re out you’re simply an acquaintance. You’ve seen and heard her poo; seen her naked and binged watched ‘Orange is the New Black’ together!

Relationship Game Player 13

4. She dodges date nights

She’s an advocate of the ‘treat em mean, keep em keen’ dating philosophy. She runs late, then texts that she’s not able to meet you, then spends the whole of that evening texting you how much she missed you/likes you/wants to be with you. Lame.

dodges date nights 06

5. She’s a Facebook flirt

She flirts relentlessly with others over Facebook (posting suggestive messages on walls; hinting at plans to ‘catch up’; signing off with winks and kisses).

Relationship Game Player 03

6. She baits you for a reaction

She constantly tries to ‘bait’ you for a reaction. For example, she will blatantly perve on others; flirt with waitresses, and your friends.

Relationship Game Player 07

7. She confesses her love after a week

If she falls in love with you in a week, you can be sure she will fall in love with some else a week after you call it quits. Needy.

Relationship Game Player 10

8. She’s emotionally unavailable

She likes you, but she just can’t commit. Maybe she’s been hurt before, or maybe the feelings just aren’t there. Regardless, she is not ready for you and all you have to offer.

Relationship Game Player 12

9. Your friends don’t trust her

When all your friends think one way, you need to look for the common denominator. Why do they not trust her? Well, because 9/10 times she’s given them cause not to.

Relationship Game Player 09

10. She loves to lie

Whether she’s lying to you, her friends, her work place or herself, she is not ready to confront the truth, be honest, and own up to whom she really is.

Relationship Game Player 08

11. She’s doesn’t want to meet the important people in your life

If it is important to you, it should be important to her – right? If you plan to have a future with her, she needs to recognise her future now consists of your friends and family.

dodges date nights 07

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