12 highly, highly irritating things lesbians do on social media

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I saw this article and smiled, then realised half the things on this lists I actually do… sign. Orginally written by Sophia M T Carter for her blog ‘Anything Can Meaning Everything

(p.s. the picture is Miley Cyrus and not a lesbian, but I think you get my point for using it).

12 highly, highly irritating things lesbians do on social media

  1. Selfie after selfie after selfie and so on. They don’t even try and change their hair, makeup, clothes or even change the background.
  2. Selfies taken half naked….or even worse…in the shower. Why? Just why would you do that?
  3. Selfies taken in the shower when they probably should have stayed covered up.
  4. Selfies taken when they finally decided to dress and you think…shit…they don’t look any better……
  5. Selfies with a caption professing their vanity It always seems to be the less blessed ones, or captions saying they feel sad or lonely. Great idea here. Maybe…just maybe if you stopped taking so many photos of yourselves and got yourself outside you might actually meet some friends that would stop you feel lonely and sad?
  6. Status updates…CONSTANTLY! Shut UP! I don’t care that your girlfriend left you anymore, it may be a revelation, but I’m fairly certain that my news feed cant take it anymore We get it…your sad, but she left you a year ago…move on!
  7. Status updates about how they are newly Lesbian and they’ve found themselves and the one they love. I mean I really am all for that, but please stop posting pictures and how much you love each other and the PET NAMES (princess, pookie etc)….you are littering my fucking news feed and I really am sick of looking at it.
  8. Lesbians adding lesbians and lesbians and lesbians…until they end up with about one million lesbians on their friends list of who they don’t even know, and probably turn out to be creepy old men pretending to be female.
  9. The ‘I don’t give a shit about being single, I’m loving life’ …your fooling no one. I’m just saying.
  10. Professions about how many girls they hooked up with…if you have to say that to everyone all over fb or twitter, it looks kind of desperate…leading us all to the logical conclusion, your lying. You are not a ‘player’ you just do what the rest of us do, go home…alone…have a pizza and go to sleep.
  11. Use of language such as and I quote ‘rubbing fannys’ is gross…like do you actually have any sort of dignity…or respect for yourself?
  12. Lesbians who profess through instagram, twitter, facebook and god knows what else…that they live some kind of Miley Cyrus lifestyle. Breaks my heart to say it…but you don’t. Your not, nor will you ever be…Miley Cyrus.

5 thoughts on “12 highly, highly irritating things lesbians do on social media

  1. Beep

    Are you kidding me? You don’t think straight girls do all of the same things, because you must be blind

  2. ashley

    I 2nd this. Almost all my friends are straight and they do the same. Pleasd dont single out lesbians when its all women

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