12 Things Only Butches With Big Boobs Can Understand

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I love women with big boobs. But when your a butch woman, its not as fun as we would like to think.

Here are some common issues facing the busty who walk among us.

1. Finding a shirt that fits is impossible.


2. Your boobs get stuck in your armpit when you lay down.


3. Clutching your chest as you pick up speed is a normal thing.


4. Wearing just one sports bra is a joke.


5. People (even those who don’t know you well!) say things to you (even in casual conversation!) like, “Have you ever thought about getting a breast reduction?”


6. You look way-to feminine in a bathing suits.


7. Cross body bag straps are a no.


8. You have to wear a bra.


9. And, Finding a bra that actually fits is practically its own Olympic event.


10. By now, you’re used to all the mean jokes about your bust size.


11. People assume that they’re much less sensitive to jiggling than they actually are.


12. You get to make all the boob jokes you want.


3 thoughts on “12 Things Only Butches With Big Boobs Can Understand

  1. Lisa Honan

    Yes it can be hard if you have big boobs, but I am pleased to say that we have solved the problem of shirts not fitting by having an exclusive design for those with bigger chests.

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  3. Magno

    This reminds me of a bit I wrote called “Ten reasons why butch lesbians make better girlfriends than straight girls.” Good stuff!

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