12 Things to not ask a Lesbian

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Why is it Straight ladies just feel the urge to ask these questions, usually in crowd, with other straights girls on hand to listen keenly to your replies.

You’ve heard them before and honey you’ll most likely hear them again. It maybe 2014 but the world has not moved on that progressively

1. You’re gay?! That is so cool.

2. I have SUCH a girl-crush on Jennifer Lawrence… *looks at you, winks*

3. It must be so awesome to never have to deal with a MAN.

4. So, who’s the boy in your relationship?

5. How do you guys… *shifty eyes* …you know?

6. What do you mean you think Johnny Deep is cute? I thought you were gay!

7. My boyfriend wouldn’t even care if we made out…

8. But… how do you know you’re gay?

9. Have you ever been with a guy?

10. But if you like girls that look like boys… why don’t you want to date boys?

11. But you’re so pretty!

12. I once made out with a girl *looks at you, winks*

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