13 Ways to Make Your Femme Melt

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In a world filled with late-night booty calls, infidelity and lust, it’s easy to become jaded by today’s dating scene.

As women, we brace ourselves for the worst, proceeding with extreme caution during the first few months, for fear of falling victim to heartbreak.

So, it’s a welcome relief when we stumble upon those few true women who show a bit of chivalry.

In fact, they radiate gallantry with even their smallest actions, and remind us that there are still good ones out there.

Here are 13 everyday gestures that will melt a women’s heart.

1. She opens the doors

A woman who takes the time to come around and open the car door for you is a keeper. It shows they put your comfort and well-being first, even if it’s just for a few extra seconds.


2. She saves the last bite of food

They say the way to a butch’s heart is through her stomach. So, when she saves the last bite for you, it’s basically her saying she likes you more than whatever meal is in front of her. Which, for the record, is a lot.


3. She suffers through girly movies

When your GF volunteers to endure a girly show or movie because she knows you’ll enjoy it, she earns major bonus points. Even more if she does so without complaining or expecting something in return.


4. She sends you flowers.

I’m not talking a one-time-buy at Valentine’s Day. I’m talking about the grocery store assortment she picked up on a random Tuesday while thinking of you. There’s just something about unexpected flowers that makes a girl smile.


5. Walking on the outside of the sidewalk.

The first time someone does this, you will probably be confused, but then you’ll start to question how come other women in your life have never been concerned about positioning themselves in such a way that you’d be protected should curb side tragedy strike.


6. Kissing your forehead.

Sure, if you’re hoping to date someone and she does this, it can be a dreaded sign of sibling-like affection. But, if you’re in a long-term relationship and your guy does this, it’s a small gesture that can make you feel adored.


7. Putting your jacket on

Women are fully capable of putting their own jackets on, but it’s not a question of ability. It’s gentlemanly and kind for someone to hold out your jacket for you or offer you theirs when it’s cold.


8. She is always punctual.

There’s no excuse for being late. Respect my time. And if I’m late, don’t draw attention to it. The correct answer to the question “how long have you been waiting” is “I just got here a few minutes ago.” Never keep a woman waiting.



9. She gets you safely to the door.

Your safety, comfort, and well-being are her first and foremost priority. After a date, meeting, dinner… whatever… she makes sure that you get home safely and thanks you for the pleasure of your company.


10. Always listens.

If you want to get to know a person, ask them questions… and listen to their responses. Listening does not mean “waiting for your chance to talk.” It means being attentive, learning to read responses, understand reactions, and navigate someone’s emotional landscape.


11. She keeps her word and a secret.

Don’t commit yourself to any obligation that you are not willing to brave fire, famine, and flood to fulfil. Likewise, when you are entrusted with a secret, guard it as closely as you do your own. There is no breakup, no fight, no argument, no falling out that absolves you from this responsibility. Live and die with the secrets entrusted to you locked away in your heart.


12. She pays attention to details.

Take mental notes. My likes. My dislikes. My shoe size. My ring size. My favourite colour. This information will prove useful and when it does – when you show up with a bundle of lavender because you know it reminds me of my grandmother – it shows you care.


13. She goes out of her way to let you know she cares. Every. Single. Day.

Flowers. Affectionate post-it notes. Spa days. Simple compliments. All of those things add up. So show your affection every day.


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