14 Made-Up Words All Lesbians Should Start Using

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Are you looking for some new words to add to your vocabulary?

I’ve always had a pretty big vocabulary, but for some reason, slang has completely evaded me for the longest time. I try to get on board – but I really can’t most of the time.

This month, I’ve been trying to incorporate a little more of those slang words into my daily life – the words that really don’t mean anything, but are fun to say for whatever reason.

Here’s a list of 14 made-up words I’m going to start squeezing into my daily conversations – are you with me?

Napflicks, noun

The term “napflicks” describes that super short sleep you squeeze in before work after you’ve been up all night binge-watching movies or television shows, particularly when done on Netflix.

Twuck-Up, noun

“Twuck-Up” describes what happens when you come up with a brilliant tweet, status, or text post and don’t notice the glaring typo until after someone has reposted it already.

Frunk, adjective

This refers to the specific type of drunk that you can only afford to become when someone else is footing the bill, such as at an open bar. Usually results in very poor decisions.

Lieting, verb

“Lieting” occurs when you take your gym stuff with you to work or a friend’s house, with the intention of working out when you’re done (but knowing that there’s no chance it’s actually going to happen).

Tonirl, noun

This one comes from the acronym “Tinder Only – Not in Real Life” and describes someone who you’d totally swipe right on, but would probably never even talk to if you’d met at a bar or a bookstore.

Robynism, noun

This is derived from the idea that Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own” is the undisputed best song on the planet.

Freeal, noun

The obligatory meal that your parents buy for you when one of you visits the other – and it’s usually worth the drive.

Terrifired, adjective

“Terrifired” refers to any situation where you may have accidentally added an annoying and/or sensitive coworker into a group chat where you’re complaining about them. Note: It’s probably a good idea to avoid using your work e-mail and messaging system to complain about coworkers, for this exact reason.

Fauxductivity, noun

Fauxductivity refers to being super busy on non-important stuff – such as when you organize your pens for the third time this week, when you really ought to be working. (Not that I’ve ever done this one, of course… Ahem…)

Twatify, verb

The act of editing your pictures to an unrecognizable state so that you appear more or less attractive than you do in real life. This can be done for a variety of different reasons, but it’s most often used for dating profile pictures. As a side note, please don’t edit your photos to make yourself look different – you should love yourself the way you already are!

Netwerking, verb

This is what inevitably happens when there is a work party with alcohol. Someone is going to end up twerking on a table, or maybe the decorative fichus in the corner of the boss’s office…

Mortrage, noun

The feelings of despair that come from realizing that it’s unlikely you’ll be able to own your own home before you turn 90.

Tweepeat, noun

When a post you made on Twitter gets so much attention that you can’t help but repost it on Facebook – or vice versa. Variants include Instapeat, which refers to posting the same selfie to Instagram and Facebook.

Fopop, noun

An acronym that stands for “fear of putting on pants”. Alternate versions include Fopob (fear of putting on bra) or fopos (fear of putting on shoes). I feel this one on an emotional level.

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